How to Rock Your Business Trip to Paris

So your boss wants you to go to Paris! First timer? Don’t worry. Your hard-earned business cred is going to pay off, as you are going to read this guide and use it to rock your trip to Paris.

We know that business trips are about making the deal, meeting the client, or promoting your company’s brand, but there’s no reason why your trip to Paris can’t include both business and pleasure. Suggest that you stay in Paris for an extra day or through the weekend — you can foot the bill for your lodging and incidentals during that time, and you’ll get a chance to experience the city on your own. Even if you don’t get an extra day tacked on to the end of your trip, you will probably still have an evening or two free to explore Paris and learn what the city is really about.

Where to stay

Your company may already have selected a hotel for you, but if you have any say in the matter, ask for the Hyatt Paris-Madeleine. This hotel is designed for the discerning, luxury traveler who needs a space that combines both business and comfort. The Hyatt Paris-Madeleine includes a business center with secretarial services — imagine how much work you could get done with your own administrative assistant right in the hotel. The rooms, of course, are fully outfitted to incorporate the latest technology and help you stay connected.

Different companies have different rules about taking significant others on business trips, but if your company is amenable, remember that a trip like this is a great way to reconnect romantically as well as close that deal.

What to do while on the job

On a business trip, the majority of your schedule is planned for you. Here are a few tips to make the most of your time on the job:

  1. If you have per diem, max it out. Pay a little extra for a really fantastic meal; you want to remember your trip to Paris as a once-in-a-lifetime experience, not one where you wolfed down a sandwich while banging out emails on your iPad.
  2. Invest in your concierge. This person can handle your dry cleaning, make sure your shirts are pressed, have lunch waiting outside your hotel room, and have a taxi waiting at the door every time you need one. Think of your concierge as another assistant, and delegate as much as you can to this invaluable resource.
  3. If a client suggests continuing a conversation over dinner or drinks, have a top-notch dining suggestion at the tip of your tongue. We recommend memorizing this list of the best new restaurants in Paris — that way, you’ll be able to sound like you’re totally au courant.

What to do on your downtime

You’re in Paris, right? That means it’s time to rock the City of Light. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Surprise your special someone by dashing into one of the jewelry stores on the Place Vendome and picking up something special. If choosing jewelry isn’t your forte, let the staff decide — they’re the ones paid to have good taste.
  2. While you’re on the Place Vendome, you might as well stop into the Louvre. We’ve heard good things. Pro tip: There’s a special tour that takes you to see the most famous artwork — like the Mona Lisa — and wraps up in 90 minutes.
  3. Although people often associate Paris with wine, there are plenty of whiskey shops and bars for your enjoyment. The Hemingway Bar is no doubt the most famous, but talk to your concierge about other options.

The next time you travel to Paris, remember that there are plenty of ways to make it a pleasure trip as well. Don’t forget: you are there to get work done, but you are also there to experience the city. Bon voyage!

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