Monday Must-Reads: Why losing your job, being married and reclaiming your day are awesome.

The “Well, shit…I lost my job, it sucks, but it sort of feels OK” post This is one of my favorite posts written by Matt Cheuvront.  Maybe it’s because I happened to be emailing with him intensely about his career the day before he was let go.  When he told me the next afternoon that he was let go, it creeped me out.  It was creepy because I had been encouraging him (maybe even pushing him a bit too hard) to consider going freelance.  He is good at what he does and I felt his talents were better served working for himself.  He was nervous about this transition at first, but only a month or so later, we both know that being let go was a huge blessing in disguise.  Long story short, every thing happens for a reason.  When it comes to your career try to see the glass half full and roll with the punches.

3 Lessons Learned from 3 Years of Marriage. Although I’m not married, I think this post sums up long-term relationships really well.  What ingredients do you think are crucial to a happy marriage long-term relationship? What will prevent a good relationship from lasting?

Staying Busy Keeping You Down? 4 Tips to Reclaim Your Day. We’ve all had those days.  The days that fly by yet we feel like we got nothing done. I hate those kinds of days and I’m much crabbier about my job when I have them.  What are your biggest “time sucks”? Social media sites? Reading and commenting on blogs? The administrative tasks required of your business or job?  I hope this post will help  you have a productive week!

Does Your Past Impact Your Job? Is it fair for employers to throw your application out just because you have bad credit?  Some think this is ridiculous, yet it’s perfectly legal and common. In a time of economic turmoil, should this practice be banned?  What do you think?

9 Important Job Hunting Tips for Facebook Users Just a refresher course on Facebook and job searching with a twist.

Nicole Emerick

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