Money Management Tips (That won’t bore you to death)

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How many times have you glazed over when trying to listen to an expert tell you what you should already have implemented with your financial plan, profitability forecasting or investments? More than 5 times? More than 10?

Here are four tips that you can implement to brighten your financial future without putting you in a coma.

Tip #1 – Clarity

Be super clear about what you would like to create with your finances. Wishing and hoping does not work, visioning and being clear does. What do I mean by that? How many programs have you bought that promised to assist you to bring in over 6 figures that didn’t do a thing for you?  When you are clear with what you would like to receive and start asking questions about how that can be actualized, the universe, and also your financial planner can assist with the energetic compass headings to get there. How do you get clear?  Start asking questions about what it is that you would really like to create.

Tool #1: Ask, “What am I really asking to show up?”

Tip #2 Choosing Who You Work With

Know who is asking for what you are creating or producing. Is this someone that you can see yourself working with long term? Clients who drain your emotional resources or who will not pay well for your services are not sustainable long term. Who would you work with day after day and be thrilled for them to keep showing up? How can you introduce yourself and what you offer in a way that they can receive and choose? How many introductions can you have for different types of clients that invite them to work with you. Start asking people “Why did you choose to work with me?”

Tool #2: Ask, “If I work with this person, what will it create for me and for them?”

Tip #3 Consider Yourself

Be a piranha about being kind to you. Does it actually work for you to take that contract that is less than you usually charge for your services? What if choosing for you makes it easier and clearer for people to work with you? So much training out there is “Customer comes first” based. The flaw in that thinking is that the service person or the professional comes second and that they are somehow not a person too. Does your store or service really have to be open 7 days a week and responding to emails or text messages at all hours. What if you could create your financial and business reality? What would be kind to you now instead of choosing based on the clients’ needs only.

Tool #3: Ask, “Does this really work for me?

Tip #4 Take Action

Are you the “I have to get it perfect or I just don’t do it” kind of person? How does that work for you financially? Are you waiting to have the perfect client, the perfect investment or the perfect bank account balance before you choose something different or even experiment with possibilities? What if you could give yourself permission to take baby steps? What if there were people who could and will contribute to the thing that you would like to have perfect? Are you open enough to ask for advice or coaching? Do you have points of view about who you would be if you failed or flailed? What would it be like to let those points of view go? Whose voice is in your ear when you stop yourself from choosing?

All the greatest creators have failed more times than they have succeeded including Einstein and Tesla. What if you are a success waiting for a place to happen, would you choose more then?

Tool #4: Ask, “What small choices can I make today to actualize something amazing right away?”

I love inviting people to start asking questions about what they are creating financially, with their businesses, with their relationships and start to create a future that works for them, sustainably and profitably. What would that look like for you?

This guest post was authored by Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Jennifer loves showing people simple changes they can make to drastically improve their financial welfare. With over 20 years in business and finance, including stints in Banking, Real Estate Sales and Management, and Mortgage Broking, she has always found it easy and natural to implement processes to heighten productivity. These skills combined with her love of people meant that financial coaching was a natural progression from working within other people’s businesses. She is a facilitator for Right Riches for You, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. She has written two bestselling books and is mum to two fantastic teens who are learning early to master the language of prosperity. Follow her on YouTube.



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