Why Movavi Screen Recorder is best for recording live streaming videos

Live videos are an integral part of the online space today. We have got entertainment videos, educational webinars and of course there are video calls. Now, what if you can’t catch a live video when it is being broadcasted online? Or say, what if you have to save a Skype call with your client for future reference? Well, the live video websites hardly offer download option and Skype still does not allow call recording facility. However, you don’t need to worry here as globally famous software developer Movavi has released a cutting edge screen recorder for all such activities. Yes, Movavi Screen Recorder is able to record live online videos and save them in your system so that you can check them later when you are free.

Here is why the Movavi product is the best thing for recording live streaming videos online.

First of all, the Movavi program is able to record all kinds of online live videos. Whether it’s a marketing webinar or Skype call, you can record all with the Movavi software. Then, it can capture desktop screencasts as well. For example, you can use it to record a live tutorial video or a video blog post which you can then save and share with others.

Another interesting feature of Movavi Screen Recorder is its ability to record gaming walkthroughs. Put simply, you can use the advanced program to record your entire gaming session which you can later pass on as a gaming guide to amateur players. Not only that, the in-game footage recorded by the Movavi program will also enable you to boast about your accomplishments at the most difficult levels of gaming. That’s great, isn’t it? You bet. And, you will also be able to extract scenes from your in-game footage and use them later in music videos.

Great features of Movavi Screen Recorder

  • Movavi Screen recorder is able to record any kind of live video online, including video calls
  • Records in-game footage and desktop screencasts
  • Able to record audio from multiple sources, including system audio and microphone
  • Captures video in full HD at up till 60 fps
  • Allows trimming of unwanted clips from recorded video
  • Able to record videos automatically

Useful tips for users

Movavi Screen Recorder carries an in-built timer. So, if you are unable to sit before the computer throughout the recording process, you can just set the time duration of recording on the timer. This way, the Movavi program will be able to record the whole video automatically and then the recording will stop once the timer fulfills your set limit.