7 Great New Books To Celebrate National Women’s Equality Day

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Every day is a chance to celebrate women and promote equality for females everywhere, but we’re taking time out of our day this year to celebrate National Women’s Equality Day with these new books about strong women, written by fearless females. Fighting for their dreams and taking control of their lives, these inspirational reads are perfect for the occasion.

The Subway Girls  by Susie Orman Schnall

This multi-generational novel follows two young women, almost 70 years apart, and their connection to the iconic Miss Subways contest. While Charlotte is planning her career dreams in 1949, her father is coming up with his own plans for her. Escaping her ill-fated future, she enters into the Miss Subways beauty contest where she learns more about herself than she expected. Nearly 70 years later, advertising executive Olivia will find a way to use the Miss Subways campaign to save her job in this enticing novel about women determined to make a name for themselves.

Imperfect Courage: Live a Life of Purpose by Leaving Comfort and Going Scared by Jessica Honegger

Jessica Honegger’s booming jewelry business started with one goal in mind: to fund her son’s adoption. Joining forces with an artisan jeweler from Uganda, the two knew that their success was connected and started down a path of success without fear. In this nonfiction book, Jessica encourages readers to take the risk and dive head first into their dreams. Imperfect Courage is a touching story about fearless women and the triumph that comes with working together.

Better Than This by Cathy Zane

To everyone around Sarah Jenkins, she looks like the epitome of the perfect wife and mother but inside, she is struggling to find inner peace. Feeling alone, she begins to see her life fall apart when the secrets about her life and marriage come to light. As she begins to lose all hope, she comes across a letter that changes everything and will give her the courage to start rebuilding her life. This novel about a woman’s strength is a courageous read for anyone who feels they’ve lost their way.

Fruit of the Drunken Tree by Ingrid Rojas Contreras

Young sisters Chula and Cassandra spend their days inside their well-protected home, keeping their distance from the threat of Pablo Escobar and his rampage. But when the girls’ mother hires live-in maid Petrona, all of their lives will be changed forever. As all of the young women deal with their own issues of love and family pressure, they’ll find themselves caught up in damaging secrets that could threaten their safety and unity. Chula, Cassandra and Petrona will learn the true meaning of sacrifice in Fruit of the Drunken Tree.

Not A Poster Child:Living Well with a Disability by Francine Falk-Allen

Francine Falk-Allen knows that living with a disability isn’t easy and in her debut memoir, Not A Poster Child, she tells her story of growing up with polio. From contracting the disease at three-years-old to her years of trying to fit in at school and her neverending battle with having to grow up too soon, Francine divulges her story with pure honesty. When it feels like battling a disability is impossible, this memoir will give you the strength you need to find balance between living a normal life and fighting an illness.

This Mournable Body by Tsitsi Dangarembga

Tambudzai isn’t sure what to make of her life now that she has left her job and finds herself living in a dilapidated hostel. Finally finding a new position as a biology teacher in Zimbabwe, Tambudzai constantly finds herself facing obstacles at every turn, leading her to find strength like she’s never known before. This new novel by Tsitsi Dangarembga is a wake up call to readers who aren’t aware of the struggles women deal with in third world countries and the kind of strength it takes to thrive in such a difficult place.

A River of Stars  by Vanessa Hua

Scarlett Chen never thought her pregnancy would lead to her being trapped in a secret maternity home, locked away to successfully give birth to her first son. But when Scarlett finds out a shocking truth about her baby, she knows she must escape her personal prison if she wants to provide a life for her forthcoming child and herself. Running away to Chinatown in buzzing San Francisco, she must outrun the baby’s father or face a life of consequences she never prepared for.


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