Now Is The Time To Ask for a Raise!

Asking your boss for a raise can be awkward, like many other money-related situations. While you do know that a raise is well-deserved because of your hard work and dedication, there comes the time when doubts occur and you have to wonder “is it really the right time to ask for it?”

The main goal of every working person, regardless of the industry, is to achieve career success. You start from the bottom and work your way up to the goals you have set out for yourself. In order to achieve those goals, you work hard and choose companies or job positions that provide the opportunity for personal and professional development.

Although most people want to ask for a raise, they are afraid of getting rejected. It’s natural to have this fear and feel nervous, but you shouldn’t let it stop you. If you work hard, have results to show it, contribute to the overall success of the department and the entire business or organization, then you should definitely book an appointment and talk to your boss/manager about increasing the salary.

Do not consider this talk as inappropriate and you shouldn’t feel like you are begging for more money. The reality is much different! Business world operates that way; the more you do, the bigger salary you deserve. It’s simple.

Okay, but is it the right time for me to ask for raise? You are probably asking yourself that question now.

The truth is, there is no “one size fits all” rule here. There is no specific answer to when should all employees ask for a raise. Instead, the correct answer varies from person to person and depends on numerous factors.

But, how can I determine whether I should ask for a raise?

A reputable custom academic writing company,  Aussiewriter, created an incredibly practical infographic that helps you make this important decision. The infographic features different questions with two offered answers and your job is to choose the option that applies to you the most.

Start from the top and answer all questions one by one making sure you follow arrows. These arrows will lead you to the result that tells you whether you should wait for a while, ask for a raise now, or if changing the job is the best solution for you. What’s practical about this infographic is that all questions and answers are relatable to every working person.

Scroll down to see when you should ask for a raise.

P.S. Make sure your answers are honest, nobody’s watching anyway.

You can find the infographic here.

This guest post was authored by Lucy Benton. 

Lucy Benton is high skilled editor, writer who currently works at  She is constantly looking for the ways to improve her skills and expertise. If you’re interested in working with Lucy , you can find her on FaceBook and Twitter.

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