Product Review: AirMax8L Hepa Air Purifier

Every day, it seems there’s more worrisome news about Covid-19. Now, we’re finding out about new variants of the original virus are evolving and headed our way. Top that with the likelihood that a lot of us are going to be working remotely for quite a while to come. What, me worry? Well, yeah. So it makes sense to consider the air we breathe, at home. And consider adding an air purifier as another layer of defense.

We were asked to review a true medical grade HEPA air purifier, made by Okaysou. We recently reviewed another brand perfect for a very small space, so this was an opportunity to evaluate an air purifier that can handle a larger area. And, with medical-grade results. Here’s our impressions after using the AirMax8L for two weeks.

AirMax8L Review

The AirMax8L is designed to handle up to 500 square feet. That means it should handle the average size great room, or the combined space of a good sized family room and kitchen. And, it does its work with 99.97% efficiency, removing mold, dust, pollen, and VOC’s.

Because it’s a true HEPA purifier, there are filters to replace. But the expected filter life is up to 8 months. That seems impressive for a device at this price level.

AirMax8L Performance

The AirMax8L has three fan speeds, a timer if you desire to use only for a limited time, and a filter replacement indicator. Set up is easy. Just remove the protective plastic cover from the filters and plug the unit in.

I chose to give the AirMax8L a tough test, to see if it could really perform. Spreading a blanket on my dining room floor, I set up some bar stools I wanted to refinish. One spray can later, my whole house was wreaking of paint fumes.

I left and returned about 4 hours later.

To my utter surprise, there was no hint of the paint odor! That’s very impressive for any size air purifier.

Next test: Oven cooked salmon. And again, within just a couple hours, the odor was completely gone.

This is one air purifier I can wholeheartedly recommend!

Jackie LaMar

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