Ready For a New Start In 2017? How About A New Job?

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The following is a guest post by Vera Marie Reed.  Her bio follows.

The beginning of a new year always seems to be a time to reflect on our lives in every aspect. For many, a new year is a good motivation to start something new or pursue an old interest. A new year is often a good starting point to reevaluate your career goals or start a new career. Whether you are looking to change up your career or you are a stay-at-home mom looking to get back into the workforce, starting a new job in the new year can be both exciting and scary.

Taking a plunge into a completely new career can force you to learn a lot about yourself and often you will be hit with rejection. However, going through these obstacles can make the path to career success that much sweeter. Here are some tips and tricks to help you successfully pursue your new career path:

Find Your Passion

If you are tired of the job you have now, but are unsure about where to start in finding a new career path just think about what you are already passionate about. Often we get too caught up in looking for careers that will lead to a passion instead of pursuing our current interests. Think about the various hobbies or interests you already do now and figure out ways that you can incorporate them into your new career. For example, if you are someone that uses art as a way to relax perhaps you can pursue a career in that field as a creator or even work at your local art museum or studio. Pursuing a passion as a job is a great way to ensure motivation throughout your new career path.

Create A Vision Board

Vision boards are often used in companies to help employees set and visualize goals. Using a vision board to help visualize what you want to accomplish in the year in regards to your career can help you get a daily reminder and some motivation. Vision boards can also help you keep track of your accomplishments throughout the year.

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Make A Plan

Creating a new career plan can give you more motivation to actively pursue your new career. Start off with small tasks such as reviving your resume or look into online career forums. Small tasks like these will make your plan seem easier to accomplish rather than being too overwhelming. Remember, to be realistic with your plan as well. Starting a new career takes patience and nothing will happen overnight. Thus, it is important to keep up your momentum and have a well thought out plan that you can follow to help you keep busy when things seem to be slow.

Network with Professionals

In today’s communication heavy world, networking is the key to finding success in a new career. Networking with professionals in the field you plan on pursuing has been made much easier thanks to the internet. Websites such as LinkedIn can help you meet new people from the comfort of your home. There are also many websites that can alert you about industry meet ups and mixers were you can mingle with executives in the field. However, introducing yourself is just the first step in networking. Remember to keep in touch with everyone you meet and start conversations that can lead to lasting professional relationships.

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Document Your Progress

Keeping a journal on your career progress this year is another great way not just to reflect on your progress, but also a great way to see what has been working and what has not. Career journaling for a new career can help you stay focused on your goals as well as a great way to vent about some obstacles or frustrations you come across.

Knowledge is Power

If you want to pursue a new career, the most obvious but often most overlooked step is to educate yourself about the industry. Some people jump headfirst into a career without really understanding how that industry works and the current outlook of that field. Doing research about the pros and cons of that new career path can help you prepare for what you might encounter once you begin. Knowing the industry will also make you more knowledgeable and interesting to potential employers.

For many women starting a new career is a life-changing step that can lead ultimately to a lifetime of happiness. However, the first step is to pursue that career and many need that sign to motivate them. A new year might just be the sign you have been waiting for to jump into a new career path.

About Vera Marie Reed


Vera Marie Reed is freelance writer living in Glendale, California. This mother of two specializes in education and parenting content. When she’s not delivering expert advice, you can find her reading, writing, arts, going to museums and doing craft projects with her children.







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