Real Tips To Help You Sleep On Your Next Plane Ride


Have you ever been on a long plane ride and looked across the aisle to see the person there sleeping like a baby? You more than likely have, but if you’re like most people it probably just made you more frustrated since you can never seem to get to sleep when you’re traveling. Or, maybe you can fall asleep on a plane, but it’s hardly restful as you jolt in and out of your slumber.

So what should you do? Is it even possible to sleep on a plane, or are you relegated to spending hours staring at the seat in front of you and dreading the exhaustion you’ll feel when you land?

Not exactly. There are some smart tips you can follow to make that next plane ride a little more restful.

Book a Window Seat

People tend to prefer those aisle seats when they’re buying their plane tickets, but if your goal is to get some shut-eye, you might be doing yourself a disservice. Window seats can be best for sleepers because it gives you something to rest your head against, and you’re in control of how much light is coming into your row.

If you’re not sure of the best seat to select you can also check out, which is a website that gives you all the good and bad details of every seat on any plane.

Bring a Soothing Scent

Your sensory experience can impact a lot of your ability to relax and fall asleep when you’re traveling on a plane, and that includes your sense of smell.

Consider bringing along some lavender essential oil or spray and give your pillow or seat a bit of a squirt before take-off.

Lavender is a soothing scent that can promote sleep and make you feel generally more comfortable on the plane.


Rely on a Sleep Mask

A sleep mask can do wonders for your entire aircraft experience. To get good, restful sleep, you need to be able to eliminate all of the things going on around you.

Since you can’t make everyone else get off the plane, what you can do is wear a comfortable sleep mask to block out all of the light and visual stimuli around you, and then put on your noise-canceling headphones.

It’ll be much easier to float off into a restful dream state when you’re blocking everything out around you.

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Drink Something Calming

When you’re on a plane and want to doze off, your first inclination might be to reach for the alcohol, but that can actually make it harder to sleep. Plus, you’ll feel awful when you get off the plane.

Instead, consider bringing some calming tea, such as chamomile. Just carry the tea bags and then you can ask for a cup of hot water so you can brew it once you’re seated.

It’ll help you calm down, and it’ll be much better in the long-run than those alcoholic drinks you might be tempted to ask for.

Sleeping on a plane is difficult but not impossible if you follow simple tips like the ones listed above.


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