5 ways to Handle Resignation Respectfully

Resigning from a position can be difficult no matter the situation. Whether your current employer has scorned you or given you the experience of a lifetime, it is important to remain poised and professional throughout the resignation process. Here are a few ways you can resign from your current role with grace:

5. Say thank you
Make sure you thank those that you worked with for the opportunity and for what you learned while you were there. Now is not a time to forgo good manners!

What are some other ways you can resign in a respectful manner? Share your thoughts in the comment section below or tweet me @mandyresh

Amanda Kocefas

Amanda is a marketing professional with experience covering global communication, corporate branding, trade show events, advertising, web content management, and business development support. She has a Bachelor's degree in Advertising from Michigan State University and has internship experience in graphic design and non-profit event planning. She has also raised awareness and funds for several non-profit organizations including the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Relay For Life, One World One Future, Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes, Wright for Kids, Kalamazoo Community Advocates, and Kalamazoo Community in Schools. Through this column, she aims to help career girls everywhere master the tricky rules of communication in today's workplace.

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