Preparing a resume for a teenager with no experience requires proper and quality explanation so as to convenience the employee to give the job to the teenager with no job experience. The achievements academically are included in the employer to be fully persuaded that the teenager has the potential to work in the institution.  The hobbies and the volunteer jobs are included for a proper personal reflection. The hobbies help to judge the interest of the individual and whether the activities are connected to the job for the teenager to have a proper working environment. When I do my essay, I am going to consider the requirements that a resume for a teenager with no job experience should have for them to get the stated job.

Illustrate your skills

The teenager should provide the skills acquired naturally or learnt that qualifies for that particular job being applied by the individual. This indicates the knowledge acquired to perform a particular task operated by the organization. Proper stating of the skills by the teenager provides the need for consideration in that position even when he or she does not possess work experience. The skills could be proper knowledge on how to operate the computers which is relevant to the job being applied. The skills in technology and social media are stated in the resume to provide proper quality to the resume considering that the individual does not have experience on the job thus skills are needed in the work place. The skills which are valuable help the potential employer to consider the teenager with no work experience.

Professional resume

This is where the teenager should demonstrate to the potential employer that he or she is capable of working. This is where the writing of the resume should be standard for the employer to consider the application of the teenager. Professional resume by the teenager provide the ability to work in the stated activity applied to the employer to consider the teenager as he or she is professional in presentation. Presentation of the resume being professional considers the layout of the resume where the font and spacing should be consistent for the resume to look presentable to the employer.

Prove you are worth for the job

This is where the teenager states the unique abilities that make him or her qualified for the post even when not experienced. The resume should be able to show the competences of the individual considering the education and skills. The education that the teenager and skills are key and how they are implemented in the hobbies helps to prove that the teenager is able to work for the potential employer. This indicates that the skills match up with the requirement for the job and would add value to the company through innovation. Strong interpersonal skills and innovation presentation are appropriate to persuade the potential employer top employ the teenager.


Job objective is needed for the employer to know the personal goals set by the teenager and how the goals can be helpful to the achievement of long term goals of the organization. The strengths of the teenager are stated in the objective statement of the resume for the purpose of employing having a proper understanding about the teenager and to take the opportunity once it appears. The strengths that are helpful to the performance improvement are considered by the potential employer for the teenager to acquire the job.

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