3 Secrets To Thriving The Holiday Season

Survival is a barbaric word implying that one simply continues to be.

I don’t want to endure. I don’t want to get by. I want to thrive. I want to flourish. I want to grow and change for the better. And with so many engagements during the holiday season, it can seem like our personal connection with ourselves has countless opportunities to get fazed, to feel rattled, to have our buttons pushed. So what’s my secret to thriving amidst a seemingly hectic time?


1. Shush your ego and listen to your intuition. Ego may be loud, but intuition ultimately wins.  Ego is the bully voice in your ear telling you to worry about what people will think, pushing you to people please, telling you to feel guilt or shame for a decision you made. Ego sucks. Intuition can slow down the song Selena Gomez, and remind you that mindfulness means non-judgmentally observing your thoughts, not reminiscing about the pain of the past or escaping reality by fantasizing about the future. Our intuition can gently, quietly, gracefully shut down our fearful ego with a key understanding that the most important action is to just do the best we can in this moment.

2. Feel okay about making a mess. It’s okay to cry.  When I felt overwhelmed with shame and  guilt about being “wrong” about former jobs, schools, boyfriends, etc, when I judged myself, I was not observing my thoughts; I was becoming them. Journaling is one strategy I use to get my thoughts out of my head so I can clear the space and describe what is happening. It’s okay to make a mess, especially when you have much to glean from the space clearing and organized understanding that likely follows.

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3. Say yes to you. Maybe not the best for introverts but for my fellow extroverts and people pleasers, this is a biggie. This might mean saying no to loved ones. This might mean declining the fourth party invitation for a quiet night in with a book or a movie. This might mean making choices that ego disapproves of. What will they think of me if I don’t go? Will they be upset with me if I say no? Saying yes to yourself means that you are honoring your spirit. And if you don’t know what your spirit wants, there is a fabulous book a great friend gave me for my birthday, The Crossroads of Should and Must, (btw, books make for great gifts!) Okay back to you and finding out what you need – grab a pen and paper and doodle, draw, paint, collage, knit, create, write words, play music, go for a walk, look through your old photos, etc…do something to connect with yourself and your soul. Give your body the sleep, water, movement, self -care, and nutrition it needs to be your best self today. Saying yes to you means you give yourself the care you need to remain grounded, flourishing, and thriving no matter the season or setting.

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