After the Seminar or Conference: Planning the Cocktail Hour and Dinner

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Hosting a business conference or seminar means heavy planning, great organizational skills and serious attention to detail. While hotels clamor for your business for the daytime portion of your event, it’s a lot more engaging for your guests to have a change of scenery for the nighttime part of the conference. Check out these great location ideas for the cocktail party or dinner.

Art Gallery Cocktail Hour

A sleek art gallery is an excellent space to host a cocktail party and transition from day to night. Many galleries in major cities offer their space for catered events. The atmosphere can be a glamorous change-of-pace from the daytime scenery. Also, art work offers instant entertainment and conversation starters.

Summer Conference? Go With Rooftop Glamour

Do you want to impress your out-of-town business collegues? Nothing is more chic than a spectacular urban view. Yes, we know the season matters. Don’t even think of planning this on the cusp of warm weather. Guests don’t like being cold, it’s that simple. But even in the warmer months, adding space heaters is a great way to make your clients happy.

Choose a Space Near the Water

People love water views. Whether it’s on the ocean, a nearby lake or even river, finding a space near the water is a perfect place to unwind after a long work day.

When planning evening events, always keep in mind accessibility and ease. Is the timing and location convenient for your guests? Have you allowed for enough transition space for clients to take a break from the day and get ready for the evening? Make sure the location is close by. Extra travel can be stressful for out-of-town colleagues and clients.

One of the more helpful and efficient ways to plan are using the latest resources available. Sometimes that’s a quick Google search. Other times you can dig deeper and find event technology software dedicated to this. Did you know that a mobile event app can help you improve attendee engagement while tracking all kinds of important metrics so you can get the true ROI of your business event?

Also, while your town might be well-known for a certain kind of cuisine, make sure you have a variety of food options and that your guests are greeted with appetizers when arriving. Long work days create hearty appetites!

Do use simple, light-based centerpieces. Well-placed candles set a night time vibe and are inexpensive.

Planning a great cocktail party or dinner for your conference in one of these locales can mean the difference between a good business event or a memorable, energizing experience for your clients.

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