Seven Tips To Step Up Your Leadership Game

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Many people often think of competition as a more masculine characteristic. These days, that’s not the case anymore, especially when it comes to competition in the workplace. Women continue stepping up their games into leadership positions. Female empowerment is no longer just a term, it is now a culture. Pioneering women demonstrate what empowerment and respect look like in action. How can you follow their example?  How can you breakout into a leadership position in your own career?

Here are my top seven leadership tips to help you become the best leader you can be.

Listen before you speak.

Leadership positions are often filled with individuals who do the most listening. When you listen to your coworkers, family, friends and clients, you learn more than you can by talking. No one has all the answers, and the best way to learn is by listening to others. Through attentive listening you can establish patterns and gain knowledge and understanding on all topics. Better listening also means better relationships, and in business (as well as life) this is critical. Actively listening creates an awareness that will open many doors down the road.

Show your passion.

Whether you are already in a leadership position, or seeking one, you must act the part to meet your goal. Orchestrate your office behavior in a way that is respectable and distinguished. Leave your ego at the door and make decisive decisions in the company’s best interest. Forget about hesitancy and proceed with confidence. Leaders make bold moves and pursue their passion to reach the top of the ladder.

Communicate with honesty.

Openness and transparency are ideal characteristics in both companies and leaders. Keep communication open and fluid to encourage colleagues and clients alike to build trust. Open door policies create this demeanor in the office environment as well. Sincerity is shown through genuine interactions based in open communication. Shape your values as a leader around these concepts for success in business.

Always be prepared.

The most prepared person will get the job before the most qualified person. Planning pays off – it is that simple. Enter job interviews with previous research and knowledge of the company. Proper preparation shows that you are responsible and aware enough to execute the job at hand. Leadership is shown through taking the initiative, planning thoroughly and executing the tasks needed.

Be responsible for all outcomes.

Everyone loves to take accountability for things that go well. A real leader is someone that remains accountable even during negative outcomes. Demonstrate courage and take responsibly regardless of the outcome. Refrain from blaming others and place yourself at the forefront of owning your actions. Be a leader now by taking responsibility. This isn’t just a business strategy. It holds true in all that you do.

Be a team player.

No one is doing it alone in the business world. In one way or another everyone is contributing to each other’s success. Quality collaborations create a successful end product. Demonstrate appreciation for your team. Understand the methodologies of task delegation and how to work cohesively and cooperatively together.

Show respect.

If someone is in a position of leadership, that never grants them power to disrespect another person. Jobs aside, we are all humans and deserve to be treated fairly. Seek to ground your leadership and organization in kindness. With kind intentions and respect everyone feels appreciated and worthy. Your supervisors or subordinates should all receive the upmost respect from you.

Step Up Your Leadership Game!

Empowerment, respect and responsibility are some of the most critical qualities in leadership. Help your coworkers be the best they can be through modeling positive leadership skills. Whether you are in a leadership role now or intend to be in the future, start conducting yourself accordingly. It is never too early to be a responsible leader in your workplace environment.

This guest post was authored by Rhonda Vetere

Rhonda Vetere is an industry advocate for women entrepreneurs around the world. She is President, Data and Analytics, at nThrive and a board advisor of On The Dot Woman, which helps empower and advance the lives of women through daily, 4-minute motivational segments with women who have stepped off the cliff and are making it happen. 

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