Shoe Shopping for Fashion and Function

shoe shopping

Women’s addiction to shoes is undeniable. There is something therapeutic about slipping on a pair of brand new beauties and taking them home with you. What’s unknown, or maybe just unsaid, by many – is that there’s the shoe collection that we proudly showcase stacked in nice shelves, then there’s the super comfy pair that we travel in and stash in a spare shoe bag before we glam up.

When I was working in PR, I came in to work everyday in a trusty pair of flats, and changed into stilettos when it was time to power up my outfit. Let’s face it, beautiful as they are, those stilettos are not really the most comfortable pair to strut in while in commute. Girls need to be more conscious of taking care of their feet. The beating that we give our feet in our youth will be paid for  in form of foot pain, bunions, and corns later on in life, so it is important to take care of your precious stompers, so a comfortable pair for daily use is a must-have.

But why hide them? Why not go shoe shopping  for both style and function? It’s possible! Here are some tips on shoe shopping for fashion and function.

1. If you have no time to shop in a boutique, you can find orthopedic shoes that are also stylish in online shops. This way you can get a number of designers in one place. Just be sure to shop with your size in mind and utilize the internet to do your research. Check for reviews and recommended designs.  You can also find great deals from many retailers, like Sears online coupons

2. If you are shopping in person, do it at the end of the day. Your feet expands through out the day.

3. Even when buying fashionable shoes,make sure you can still wiggle your toes. Squished toes increases your risk for corns and bunions.

4. Flats are not always advisable since they put pressure on the wrong part of your feet do not provide arch support. Get a shoe with a half inch to an inch for your daily use instead of flats or flipflops.

5. When buying for height, wedges are your best friend. Save the stiletto for a special occasion, and go with a sensible wedge. Wedges can look really fashonable without compromising comfort. The higher you ant to go make sure the front end platform goes higher as well, so in essence you are only standing on a 2-3 inch heel.

6. Look for color and embellishments instead of height. There are even footwear that have color changing technology now!

7. Make sure your feet does not slip forward when walking. A strap can be very pretty and can also help save your toes!

8. When shoe shopping, look for shoes lined with soft material inside to make sure that your feet does not rub against hard material. Check how it is made inside from stitching to material, as this can affect how long you can walk in them without developing a blister.

Don’t swipe that card just cause they’re pretty on your feet. Invest on a pair that’s good for you. If you already have physical issues, consider shoes for back pain or whatever the issue may be. After all, you can get many shoes but you only get one pair of feet, so be sure to care for them. Biggest tip of all, you dont need “killer” heels to strut your stuff. Put on some confidence and you can turn the simplest of outfits into a fabulous ensemble.

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