Job Hunt Getting You Down? Here’s The Solution

The job hunt is a lot like wandering through an endless white corridor, searching for one door in a vast row of unnumbered, identical doors.

You’ll try one handle, only to find it locked. Twist the doorknob of another, only to wander into a meeting you’re not welcome in. Then, after a couple of hundred wrong doors, you’ll be crumpled in the middle of the floor quietly weeping to yourself.

Indeed, after you’ve sent out a few hundred CVs and received a single automated refusal in your inbox, that endless corridor situation might even seem preferable.

But it’s on that 100th CV, as your patience and morale ebbs away, that you’ve got to dramatically alter your strategy. What are you doing to make employers give you the swerve? And, how can you change your situation?

For a start, try some of these tricks to boost your profile.


Thanks to the internet, the number of ways you can crowbar your name into the business world has increased – and you should give all of them a shot.

Classified ads have become the norm for go-getting jobseekers, and it’s a trend that other countries are taking on board. Simply log onto an ad site, input a brief summation of your CV along with a photo, and then just sit back and wait for an offer.

While it’s not a sure-fire method, it’s putting another ball on the roulette wheel.

In a similar vein, try out LinkedIn, the business social network, to connect with professionals and maybe even set up a line of dialogue.

On that note, don’t forget to make your other social networks, Facebook and the like, private – the last thing you want is a boss finding those drunken photos of you in Majorca.

Know your markets

In marketing departments across the globe, one question is always being asked – what’s our core demographic?

It’s a question you should ask yourself before you send off your CV. Are you appealing to an employer’s interests?

The easiest way to achieve this is to write a covering letter as a direct response to the job advert. Make it personal, outline which of your skills match those in the person spec, and don’t be frightened to sell yourself.

All the right friends

Networking, as we’ve already established, can be done online with some degree of success – but nothing beats a face-to-face meet. Use sites like LinkedIn to find networking events in your area, visit them in your finest suit and pretend you’re an ambitious go-getter for the evening – even if you’d rather be at home watching Game of Thrones.

One good impression can make your CV look twice as impressive to an employer, so make a meeting count.

Ms. Career Girl

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