Smartphone Etiquette at Work? What’s That?

Smartphones have changed the way many Americans work. They quicken communication, they allow coworkers to reach out and respond to problems even while they are out of the office, and they let many take work home with them. But it’s nearly impossible to distinguish if someone is using their smartphone at the office for work purposes, or for personal reasons. A new survey by KDM Engineering on smartphone etiquette in the workplace revealed that the majority of Americans share an understanding of what is appropriate smartphone etiquette at work, but they don’t always follow those rules.

For example, 61-percent of people say they check their smartphone at least once an hour at work, with 20-percent of people saying they look every 20 minutes, and two-percent saying they never put down their devices. Only 10 percent of people said they check their phone twice a day. While more than three-quarters of survey respondents say they go so far as to bring their smartphone with them into the bathroom while at work.

Smartphones and Meetings

When it comes to smartphone etiquette and meetings, most people are on the same page. Seven out of 10 people admit it is inappropriate to have their smartphone out during a meeting, but more than half (53%) still do it anyway. Even more people, eight out of 10, say it’s inappropriate to physically check their phone during a meeting, but half (50%) say they do it anyway. A shocking 10-percent of respondents said they brazenly had their smartphone out and visible during an initial interview for a new position.

These results are not entirely shocking. According to KDM Engineering, people assume they use their phones way less than they actually do. The average smartphone user taps, touches or swipes their phone a whopping 2,617 times per day, when survey respondents estimated they touch their phone 100 times or less per day.

Smartphone Etiquette At Work


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