Sonic Soak Ultrasonic Cleaning is Environmentally Safe and Friendly

The Sonic Soak may be the best way to wash your things in a totally environmentally friendly and affordable way. Plus, it cleans way better than a washer!

We’ll give you a quick snapshot of this new high-tech device:

The Sonic Soak is a remote controlled, pocket-sized cleaning device that uses ultrasonic technology (aka sound waves) to clean 99.9% of germs and grime off of ANYTHING that can be safely put in a basin of water. It works in minutes flat, and claims to be able to destroy any stain no matter how entrenched it’s become.

Plus, the Sonic Soak

  •         Uses 40x less water and 15x less energy than a washing machine
  •         Is much cheaper than using a washing machine
  •         Can clean shoes, food, jewelry, accessories and more
  •         Is highly portable and durable—perfect for students!

But does it really work?

We decided to put it to the test, so we grabbed an old T-shirt and COVERED it with Sharpie, olive oil, red wine, and fruit juice. Then we tossed it into a sink full of water and added the Sonic Soak. We pressed the “on” switch and watched it go to work (it’s completely silent, which added to the tension, of course).


See video:

And the results? The shirt was absolutely SPOTLESS in just 5 minutes! We were so excited that we spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning things…for fun (it sounds sad, but you have to see this thing in action!).

Thanks to the Sonic Soak’s 50,000+ vibrations per second, cleaning occurs on a microscopic scale. Virtually no dirt (or anything else) can hold on against the power of its ultrasonic technology. This means that while removing stains is a huge benefit, the real work is being done on a level you can’t see. Your clothes and accessories will be cleaner than when you bought them!

We love that there’s finally a cleaning method available that’s kind to the environment and actually works. This Sonic Soak can help one person save thousands of gallons of water a year. Imagine if we all used one?

Start saving money, time, and the environment by checking out Sonic Soak today at