Standing Out Digitally: Meaning Wins Out Over More

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Across the world, people no longer want MORE. Instead, they want meaning. There is a deep need to make real connections to real people. The way to stand out digitally is to stand for your passion and your purpose.

The first step is to really think about what you care about deeply, what is your particular mission to make a difference in the world. We all have a mission. It’s inside you right now. When you are aligned to your mission, you feel joyful and fulfilled. The way to unlock your mission is to listen to your heart: what does it say it wants to change?

Here are some of the answers from Your Real Power is You Coaching Members:

Act as an advocate against bullying in schools

Make women feel empowered in bed

Protect the world’s waters

Show people how to live with passion and purpose

All of my coaching members felt they had a mission inside them, but they could not work out exactly what the mission was. The 2 key reasons why they could not work out their mission was because they had not given themselves the time to sit down, to ask themselves what they felt deeply passionate about and to go through the process to uncover that.

You can start this process at home, by taking an hour an afternoon or a day over this month, to take quiet time for yourself, to go within and ask ‘what have I done in my past that I cared deeply about? What am I doing now that I care deeply about? And what do I want to do in my future that I care deeply about?’ Then align your past, present, and future to come up with your purpose and your impact mission. This is the first step to standing out digitally.

The second key step is to be authentic and real, tell your story, share your vulnerabilities, share your heart – there is so much noise out there and people want to connect with those they feel a connection with – and the way we make connection is by being real.

The third way to stand out digitally is to be consistent and post daily. People want to build a relationship with YOU. Step into your role as a Thought Leader. You might not think you are a thought leader, but trust me, you ARE. When you talk from your place of purpose, and when you align your past, present and future, you are talking from your particular place of expertise and people love that! Remember most importantly, the purposeful age is here. Find your purpose and you will form a real connection with others when you share it.


I love People, and I love Connection. From the age of 5 years old I would ask strangers, are you part of our tribe? In High School, I wanted to be Unique, as I understood Unique makes an impact. I would hunt out vintage clothes, dress my friends for the end of year ball, and see the results being unique brought for them to build real connections.


My first great mentors were my mum and dad, who affirmed my skill for unlocking the unique in a person and in a product.My mum was a a top fashion stylist and My Dad was a Textile Entrepreneur whose business it was an early pioneer of sustainable production. I saw the positive impact what we make can have on people and the planet, and I pursued a career in fashion to make a difference.


From University where I majored in retail marketing and the psychology of shopping, I landed my dream job as a buying apprentice for Harvey Nichols, learning from the best how to build product strategies that sell. I was responsible for buying many of the top designer brands in the world with a buying budget of £millions each season.


I loved my job. But one day I became conscious. I have been called a behavioural economist, I can see the future, and I saw the onset of fast luxury, more seasons, more product, more waste, and my heart said no. I wanted to use my skill in building hero products, to make a difference, so after an awesome 7 years, I quit my job to become an impact entrepreneur.


I had become an expert in all things denim at HN responsible for launching the mens denim zone. In my journey to impact, I learnt to innovate and re imagine different products that we make.


I reimagined the denim jean for a new sustainable future. I broke down denim as we know it, how it had been, how it was and how it could be. And then I rebuilt and reimagined a jean from scratch, organic cotton, fair-trade cotton, naturally dyed indigo, hand made by real people and timeless.


It’s not easy to make an impact I found out the hard way, the hero product is 50%, your real brand story and how you connect is 20%, when I aligned my hero product and real brand story our sustainable brand Sharkah Chakra took off.


Within 12 months, The brand became the first 100% sustainable 100% handmade denim brand to be stocked in the worlds best stores, How? I used the rules of my hero product framework that I teach in our impact coaching programme to build a hero product strategy built on desire, scarcity, and real connection.


In 2008, the markets crashed, I learned as well as Hero Product Framework, you need an impact roadmap. You got to learn to get direct, be digital, and have a plan. I vowed I would learn and use all my expertise, my on hand impact experience, and the new impact roadmap knowledge I was about to learn, to teach others how they can go from real impact to supercharged impact.


I learnt my skills in how you build a roadmap for impact working as a head buyer running £100 Million business for global retailer River Island. I used my hero product framework to transform collections, and I learn the rest of the 360 skills you need to build your own supercharged impact. The skill of how to analyse your history to plan your future.


Now I had the complete 360, the Hero Product Framework and the Impact roadmap, I built a New business to sell the world’s top conscious brands to the world’s top clients, digitally and directly.


Within less than 12 months I build hero product launches and a business with £100K turnover. In less than 3 years I built a business selling to 500 of the world’s top clients and a turnover of £300K. So many individuals and brands were asking me how I made supercharged impact, like I had been struggling before they were not achieving their own supercharged impact because they didn’t have a hero product framework and impact roadmap to follow.


I saw my mission was to take my hero product framework and impact roadmap to the world, so you can supercharge your impact, save you wasting years, and to get where you want to go now.

This guest post was authored by Sara Simmonds

For those who want to learn more, and go deeper, I invite you to join my free Live Masterclass to Unlock Your Unique Power, Click the link to sign up

Looking forward and Sending You Your Real Power: YOU



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