The 10 Most Interesting Outfits Worn in Music Videos


Well I certainly hope not, because I have a feeling you do not have many friends.

Moving on, in case you do happen to be out of outfit ideas, I have selected my top ten most fashionable music videos.  Cheers!

1.  Jackson 5—“I Want You Back”

Ok, so I am cheating a bit on this one, because it is not an official music video as we know them today, but these jumpsuits are just the best!  I mean HELLO they have an entire weather forecast on their bodies, AND they are dancing. And singing. In unison.  UGH I’m in love.

2.  Ja Rule and Ashanti—“Always on Time”

What is better than a good outfit?  Barely any outfit at all!  Ja Rule is shirtless for a good portion of the song (I don’t hate it), and Ashanti’s “shirt” is divalicious.  Of course they are “always on time,” they barely have to get dressed in the morning.  Do you think I could frame Ashanti’s shirt as ‘work apparel?’  If I look confused enough when people give me weird looks?

3.  Shaggy—“It Wasn’t Me”

This is just a great video to begin with.  For goodness sake, Shaggy’s friend lives in a weird spaceship-on-land slash mansion.  Moving on to clothes, Shaggy is wearing a lovely orange turtleneck—you may say frumpy, but I say BRILLIANT.  What better way to show your girlfriend how innocent you are than by wearing something that would make 99% of women run away?  Extra points to Shaggy’s advisor:  he is wearing a purple silky robe.  That simply screams, “I give good relationship advice.”

4.  Celine Dion—“It’s All Coming Back to Me”

Aside from the fact that my girl Celine is a powerhouse goddess, she puts on the most theatrical performances.  This video is no exception.  What makes it so great is the variety!  Lace nightgowns (I have no doubts that Celine actually sleeps in these)!  Full-length silk robes!  Some type of medieval dress coat!  A man in motorcycle attire!  Bonus points for the fact that Celine has at least a hundred million candles burning in her mansion at all times, and the sexy pseudo-ghost make out scene doesn’t hurt.

5.  Boney M—“Rasputin”

All I can say is, you’re welcome.  Not only does this song teach valuable historical lessons, but the group, Boney M, is dressed in funky Russian garb.  I feel like I don’t even have to check out the fashion scene in Russia at the moment (or ever again) because this group takes the cake.  If you have never heard this song or seen the outfits, I implore you to watch this video.  It is the best.

6.  Diva Ensemble (Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mya, Pink)—“Lady Marmalade”

What better to dress a group of fab divas in than corsets, corsets, and more corsets!?  The amount of fake diamonds, glitter, and feathers featured in this video is clearly the stuff of dreams.  Diva Dreams.  Also Pink wears a top hat.  Look out Stevie Nicks.

7.  Queen—“I Want to Break Free”

There is nothing more enjoyable or more fashionable than men in drag—particularly, the entire band of Queen in drag.  Freddie’s pink sweater + leather skirt combo is all over the runways now…and about 15 years ahead of time!  Oh, and remember the earlier point of the high fashion of nudity?  Freddie and the gang KILL it with a nude body-suit modern dance scene.  This may be the most fashionable video to ever exist.

8.  Britney Spears—“Toxic”

Her clothes are made of diamonds.  I’ll repeat myself for the sake of emphasis.  Her clothes.  Are made.  Of diamonds.  HER CLOTHES ARE MADE OF DIAMONDS.

9.  Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart—“Piano Concerto No. 21”

While the Jackson 5 vid was only a little bit outside the rules of this post, I am just blatantly cheating the post here.  There is no Mozart music video, but I want you to think about how fashionable it would be if it existed.  Look at this picture.  He wore things like this EVERY DAY.  Those were his version of lulu lemons, and they were fabulous.

10.  Nina Nesbitt—“Stay Out”

All joking aside, this video and song are the cutest.  I have been listening to it on repeat for the past two weeks, and I am not loving it any less!  Her and her video pals have this very fun/edgy/cool style.  I want every leather jacket in this vid.  Enough said.