The Disconnect Between Women and Sales Careers

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The gender imbalance in various professional industries has been a prevailing issue and continues to be one as we usher in 2016. There is a considerable effort towards bridging the gap between sexes, but like many other causes, the biggest factor in change starts with awareness.

Have you ever considered a career in sales? The fact is that many women have what it takes to grow in a sales career, but tend to shy away from it because of the notion that it is predominantly male and that female traits have no place in the cut-throat fast-paced world of sales.

A new study focused on women and sales careers, the Guardian Life’s Closing the Gender Gap in Sales,  reveals that many different barriers are still existent for many women who are looking into a career in sales. Because of this, the number of women considering a sales career is low, even with the prospect of high commissions and earnings.

Emily Viner, vice president of Escort Agency Growth and Development at Guardian shares that “Across industries, we need to help women overcome the cultural, personal and industry barriers in order to understand that, based on what they want in their careers—and in life—sales can be a great fit”.

Women are not able to realize their potential in sales because they are themselves do not understand how their strengths can be applied towards it. Emily adds that: “A lack of outreach and open dialogue about the way sales careers can look means women are unlikely to seek them out, regardless of industry. Many women are unaware that their functional and emotional needs can be met by what a sales career can offer.”

Check out the amazing infographic below to learn more:

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