The Most Effective Way To Clean Your Office

most effective way to clean

What is the most effective way to clean an office? Do office workers give time to cleaning their offices?

In reality, people do not really give the time to clean their offices that they do to clean their homes. The job is mostly left to office cleaners or utility workers, making it hard to maintain every corner of an office.

Adriana, operations manager at Maid for You, recommends cleaning your office to increase work productivity,  and achieve a healthier and safer workplace.

People with clean working space can move around freely and comfortably without worrying about the clutter. The quality of your workspace also allows you to focus on your tasks throughout the day.

So, what is the most effective way to clean your office?  Read on to find out!

Clean as you go policy for all – an effective way to clean your office

Clean up your office clutter as you go along. Always clear your  desk or office table before going home at the end of the day.  That is the main premise of the clean as you go policy in the office setting.

The more clutter you have, the harder it is to clean!  Learning to declutter as you go along saves time and stress in the future. An effective clean as you go plan is needed to avoid waste build up in every office.

There are two types of clean as you go method, which can be categorised as urgent and non-urgent cleaning.

Urgent cleaning is needed to avoid health and safety risks. This includes spillage on the floor, which requires quick attention to prevent accidents.

On the other hand, non-urgent cleaning are daily cleaning routines such as dusting the office table and emptying the rubbish bin at the end of the day.

To administer the clean as you go policy effectively, everyone should realise the importance of maintaining a clean workspace, its benefits and how it can impact work productivity. It is also essential to give out clear and vivid instructions for everyone to understand what the clean as you go policy is all about.

Here are ways to effectively impose clean as you go policy in your office:

  • Inform everyone where office cleaning materials are kept.

 Everyone should have access to cleaning materials. It would also help if each working station had wipes and sanitary spray.

  • Post notes on office walls and desks.

 It reminds everyone to become more conscious of their clutter. It can also help you achieve an organised workspace.

  • Inspect your workspace at the end of the day.

 Make sure that everything is clean and organised. You don’t want to come to work the next day with clutter everywhere.

It is easy to clean an office. Cleaning is also a collaborative effort between the employees and the administration.   The clean as you go method is effective as long as everyone is rooted in one goal – to achieve a healthier work environment.

Moreover, a clean office space embodies professionalism. It looks impressive and organised, which can attract potential investors in the future.  The look of your office can be an advertising factor without you knowing!  Think about it. If your clients and customers feel relaxed and comfortable while talking to you in the office lounge, there is a big possibility of giving a great impression.

For professional tips on cleaning your commercial building or home office, check out MaidForYou.