The Work World is a Harsh Place-Deal with It.

I received a package from the fabulous GL Hoffman on Saturday with two books and a very nice hand written note. GL is the founder of the revolutionary job site and of the blog, What Would Dad Say. He thought I’d really enjoy reading Debra Shigley‘s “The Go-Getter Girl’s Guide,” and he was so right!

I haven’t been able to put this book down and therefore I will be doing a series of weekly blog posts on exceptionally useful chapters for you “Go-Getter Girls.”

I’m going to start by reviewing Chapter 2 which is titled “The Work World Can Be a Cold, Hard Place- You Must Learn to Deal with It.” This title alone made me so happy. For once no one is sugar coating the truth, telling you to go to HR, or saying that they are wrong and you are right. Sure, your co-workers might be jealous, catty and ridiculous but why should you care?

Here are the major takeaways from Chapter 2:

There are a hundred reasons why your co-workers may not like you. Stop focusing on WHY and instead make it your motivator to keep moving your career forward. Do all of your co-workers like YOU? Do you feel tension at the office? How will this new way of thinking help you?

There might be some truth in your colleagues critiques. You are NOT at the top, so there is probably some truth in what they are saying. LISTEN.

Fake it ’till you make it, sister! Walk in the office each day like you “won the lottery.” That feeling will get you through the tough days.

Again, not every person at work is going to like you.

Be prepared when going into a meeting that may result in mean spirited attacks disguised as feedback. Keep the meeting on track and if things get off course, offer to schedule a different time to discuss those issues.

Your “friends” at work aren’t necesarily your friends. In some industries, they may be your competition. Keep that in mind so you aren’t surprised if they undermine you or disappoint you. Have you ever been “double crossed” by a co-worker that you thought was your friend?

DO NOT GOSSIP EVER- NO EXCUSES! Politely deflect and after a few times people will stop bitching to you. This is a tough one. What tips would you have for other girls on how to handle and avoid gossip?

In the same respect, stop bitching to your cubicle mate- save that for your friends and family after work hours.

Try your hardest not to ever cry at work. If it does happen, don’t obsess over it. Pretend it didn’t happen and move on. Have you lost it at work? How did you deal?

Ladies, I’d love to hear about situations like this that have happened to you. Do you think Debra’s advice is too harsh?

Ms. Career Girl

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