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remodeling a bathroom

Bathroom Themes to Inspire Your Decor Dreams

It may be one of the smallest rooms in your home, but your bathroom deserves a makeover just as much as your living room or bedroom. Choosing a theme for your bathroom can help you plan the look, utilising colour, accessories, fixtures and fittings to pull it all together.

Hello sailor

With water playing such a huge part in the function of the bathroom the nautical theme is bound to be a popular, if a somewhat slightly obvious, choice. You can wholeheartedly embrace all things seaworthy and include anchors and boats in your design (depicted on tiles, bathroom curtains or even on personalised bath towels). If you want to embrace a more subtle nautical theme you could just concentrate on the colour. Blue features heavily in the look and adding white and red will give you a jaunty all-at-sea feel.

Sun, sea and sand

We can draw a few parallels between a nautical and a beach themed bathroom, but with a beach look you can steer away from red, white and blue sailor style and think more of warm sunsets and crystalline seas. Opt for colours that are reminiscent of golden sands and rustic beach huts dotted along the seashore. Brighten up the room by letting as much natural light in as possible and add pebble and shell themed accessories for a playful touch.

Step into my boudoir

Grandeur may not be something you associate with a bathroom, but there’s room for opulence in every room of your house, so why not there too.  Think ornate brass mirrors adorning deep plum walls, stylish tiles and luxurious textiles. If you have a tiled floor, a deep, shaggy bath mat is a must, you need somewhere soft to rest your delicate tootsies. For extra indulgence add soft, fluffy personalised bath towels and you could even go that extra mile, adding personalised bathrobes for you and your significant other.

Natural and earthy

Magnolia is very underrated. It’s often seen as the safe choice when it comes to decorating but it’s a warm colour that goes well with many themes and for a natural and earthy style it works well as a base colour. Team magnolia with terracotta, other shades of cream or browns for a neutral pallet that is both restful and classy.

Soothing spa

If you enjoy the tranquillity of visiting a spa you could look to recreating the calming effect at home. Spa’s tend to focus on the senses and your bathroom should have a Zen like feel. Marble tiles and subtle colours work well for spa-themed bathrooms and the accessories you add can really make a difference. Scented candles not only set the mood with delicate lighting, but will also add a wonderful fragrance to the room. Invest in luxurious bath products and fluffy towels and when you alight from your well-deserved bath, wrap yourself in a personalised bath robe to intensify your experience.

Modern lines

If you’re seeking a modern look with clean lines you should be looking to decorate your bathroom with the words smooth, sleek and shiny in mind. Rid surfaces of clutter and remove any fussy accessories. Monochrome can look cool and contemporary (the contrast of black and white is always striking). If you want to embrace current trends adding a pop of colour (lime green or sunshine yellow) will bring your bathroom right up to date.  Geometric shapes and patterns are also on-trend right now, team them with stark white walls for a grown-up modern-day look. Metallics can also make a room look lustrous, silver and grey will add an industrial edge and bronze and copper add a little warmth.

Totally tropical

How about something a little quirkier? Adding bold prints to a bathroom can really give it a statement look.  Give a nod to the exotic with bright colours and loud prints. You can incorporate this by adding feature walls or tiles or by updating the room with lively accessories.

Let’s get personal

Draw on your personal style too when designing your bathroom. Choose colours that you like (rather than what’s fashionable). You can customise your bathroom with plants that like the damp atmosphere and add accessories (such as cups and toothbrush holders or bathroom bins) to complement your look. Fresh new towels and a bath mat can also add an instant update. You spend more time in your bathroom than you think, so make it a place you can walk into and enjoy a little peace and quiet for an hour (or two)!