Things to do on First Day of Work

First day of work

Getting a job is nerve wracking on its own but dealing with the stress of your first day on work is another level. Studies have proved that 53% people think that going on the first day of work got them really nervous because they worried about making a mistake on the first day.

It is not that easy but it is not that big of a deal too. All you need to do is focus on some important things and you would surely nail your first day. Just keep these things in mind and by the end of the day you will be everyone’s favourite person.

Curiosity Won’t Kill The Cat

Show your employers that you are curious about your work and you are very much interested in being there. We think that on the first day our focus should be on listening to what our boss is saying but it is not too bad to ask questions. Also, don’t be like the kid in school who raises his hand at every question. Ask what you want to ask or something you are confused or curious about. If something catches your eyes, ask about it without being shy. Be careful that you don’t ask silly questions. Ask anything you don’t understand at that moment only because it may make you look stupid if you ask about it later.

An Introduction Is Necessary

It may turn out be like the first day of school where you are introducing yourself to everyone so be prepared for it. You are the new gal so you have to take the initiative to introduce yourself to your colleagues and peers. Don’t overdo it. Just make sure you give away the right amount of information when you introduce yourself. You don’t have to prepare a speech or anything, just be relaxed and friendly. Don’t be unprofessional too by cracking silly jokes. It may turn out to be beneficial for you and you make some new friends out of this.

Observing Is The Key

You may not be able to talk to many people on your first day so be observant about your surroundings. Keep noticing how people work and behave in the office so that it’s easy for you to settle in. Don’t be the creep who stares at people. Be a little observant like noticing how the environment of the office is, whether they are really professional or a little laid back when it comes to work. See how they talk to the officials and where simple things are around the office. Keep on taking mental notes about everything you see around yourself and be attentive of anything that anyone tells you.

Keep The Nerves In Check

Don’t be nervous at all. Be calm and keep those nerves in check. You don’t want to be nervous and say something stupid. Take a deep breath before you enter the premises and tell yourself that you can do this. It will be like a piece of cake. Don’t keep on babbling or just keep quiet because you are too scared. Be normal and interactive. Nervousness will give you a reputation on the first day so relax and take a chill pill. Don’t start shivering or shake hands with a very relaxed hand. Be prompt and show off your confidence.

Suit Up

Make sure you dress nicely because how you dress builds up your first impression on people. You can’t just go in your sweats or a very flashy outfit. Be sure of the norms of your office and how people dress there and then dress accordingly. Some offices let their employees wear casual clothes and some like it all formal. Ask someone from HR or maybe there is someone you know in the office who can tell you about this.

If both these options are not available then go with what seems appropriate like a shirt and pants. Remember, nothing beats the Suit. S, as Barney would say to Marshall, ‘Suit up’. You can even shop online for the perfect ilk and use ebay coupon code to get plug the hole in your wallet.  You just got the job; you don’t want to spend too much out of your first pay check. At least you will be saved for the day and then you can see how other people dress and you can do the same.

Tick Tock

Put that clock 10 minutes early than usual so that you are ready before time. You don’t want to be late on your first day and develop a reputation of being lousy. Imagine your boss waiting for you to come so he can welcome you on the first day. That’s got to be embarrassing. Get to the location of your office at least 15 minutes early than the time you are expected so that you have time to gather yourself and don’t have to worry about being late. Be precise and show them you are ready for this.

Keep That Brain Open

Don’t be judgemental on your first and start to condescend the people and your surroundings. The working environment may be according to you or it may not be. Keep an open mind to everything and don’t try to point a judgy finger at anyone. You might expect something else from your workplace but it may be different. All you need to do is adapt to your surroundings and you will surely succeed.

Be Aware Of Yourself

Make sure your body language is apt and you are not giving off bad vibes. You may be speaking very politely but your facial expressions and posture may give it away. Sometimes the tour on the first day may turn out to be a little long and you may be a little tired with all the walking but don’t show your tired. Be enthusiastic even if you don’t feel this way. You can’t be standing there like a bored out person or walking behind your boss like a puppy. Keep it casual and show confidence in your posture.

Throw Away Your Phone

You are at work so concentrate on it. You don’t want yourself messing it all up just because you wanted to post that fake #toomuchwork selfie. That can be done later too but your first day won’t come back. You have to keep your head in the game so those unnecessary calls can be put off till you get off work. Just put your phone on silent and get to work so you can charm the pants off of your bosses by showing some dedication.

A Little Friendship Won’t Hurt

You are the new gal so you might be asked for a drink after work or for lunch. Don’t give up on the offer rather take it happily. You need to make some friends so that you can survive in the office. You can’t just run to your boss for everything, these friends are going to help you feel comfortable in the office. You will realise that if you know someone you can talk about the silly questions you have in mind without actually being silly.

There are no hard and fast rules as to what you should do and what you shouldn’t do. Just be yourself and keep these small things in mind and you’ll be good to go. You don’t have to pretend to be someone you are not just to fit in. Even if you stumble, it’s okay. You are not expected to be perfect. These tips will surely get you close to it so you can have a great time working and don’t have to keep worrying all the time.