Tips for Traveling While Working Remotely

Travel and a Busy Career travelling while working remotely

One of the biggest benefits of working remotely is that it can be done from anywhere! While many remote workers choose to stay home to get their jobs done, that isn’t necessary. You could go to your favourite coffee shop, a local park, or even travel the world while staying up-to-date with your job. 

If you’re someone who has been bitten by the travel bug more than once, the idea of globetrotting while maintaining a career can sound pretty perfect. 

But, there can be some roadblocks along the way. Planning is important, and knowing what you can expect will make the entire experience more enjoyable.  

With that, let’s cover a few helpful tips you can use for travelling while working remotely. By using them throughout your travels, you can enjoy plenty of adventures while maintaining your career, or even starting something new. 

Stick to a Remote Routine

If you were working in a traditional office setting, what would your day look like? You’d have to get up at a certain time, go through a few morning rituals, get to work on time, and check off things throughout your day. 

Remote work offers you some flexibility. But, routine is still important. In fact, it’s a key component to your success. First, there are health benefits to having a routine, including: 

  • Lower stress levels
  • More energy
  • Better sleep
  • Effective use of time

Second, having a routine while working remotely will make it easier for you to stay on track. When you’re travelling, it’s tempting to ignore your responsibilities, go exploring, and have some fun. Unfortunately, that’s a good way to lose your job or remote privileges very quickly. 

If you find that you’re getting distracted by your travels and a routine isn’t helping, it might be time to consider a different career. Finding a travel-based job is a fantastic option that will bring your passion into your career. Or, you could become a freelancer and offer services like writing, graphic design, or marketing. Just keep in mind that as a freelancer, you are your own boss. You’ll have to pay for your own insurance and learn how to navigate self-employment takes

But, if you enjoy your current job and you’re just struggling to stay productive, there are other avenues to take. 

office clutter decreases your productivity

Find a Coworking Space

Technology has made it easy for workers from anywhere to become “digital nomads.” That doesn’t mean you can’t find a productive workspace while still travelling the world. By doing a bit of research ahead of time, you’ll discover coworking spaces almost anywhere in the world. 

A coworking space is typically a large office or building that allows multiple people to work in a more traditional setting. You might have to pay a small monthly fee to use it. But, if you’re easily distracted and need to stay motivated, it’s a great place to go. It can also help you to stick with a routine, and meet others who can motivate you.

These spaces are usually quite inspiring, and they’re set up for you to do your best. Some of the biggest benefits of working in a coworking space include: 

  • Many are open 24/7
  • They often host networking events
  • They encourage entrepreneurship
  • You’ll meet like minded individuals
  • They can reduce anxiety and loneliness
  • They offer stability for remote workers

Even if you don’t join a coworking space or can’t find one where you are, seek out remote work communities as often as possible. Knowing there are people out there who are also travelling and working will make you feel less alone and can motivate you to stay productive. 

Be as Prepared as Possible

When you can work remotely, you might want to pack a bag and hop on a plane right away! But, knowing specifically where you want to go and planning ahead will make your entire experience easier. 

If you’re going to a different country for work, WiFi is one of the most important factors. However, it’s something many people don’t think about until they get there. A solid internet connection will be the lifeblood of your remote work life. Not every country offers great WiFi service, so it pays (literally) to do your research. Make sure you opt for the best WiFi plan possible from your cell phone service provider. In many cases, you can carry a “hot spot” around with you so you’ll always have a strong connection. 

You should also plan ahead when it comes to packing. The last thing you want is to land in a new location and realize you’re not dressed for the weather or you forgot something important in your suitcase. Creating checklists before you go will make it easier to stay organized. 

While spontaneity can be fun while travelling, you’ll have a much easier time when you consider things like time zones, language barriers, and how you’re going to stay connected to friends and family. 

These tips can help you to find your footing while you’re travelling the globe. Remote working provides so many unique and exciting opportunities. By making the most of them, you can see and experience so many things while working anywhere in the world. 

This guest post was authored by Ainsley Lawrence

Ainsley is a writer who loves to talk about how business and professionalism intersect with the personal, social, and technological needs of today. She is frequently lost in a good book.

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