Tips on How to Start Working Out (Even If You Hate It)

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It may be winter season, so people have next to no reason to obsess over their “beach bodies”, but the gyms all around the globe are overflowing with eager beginners, and we bet you can guess the reason. Yep, you got it – the New Year’s resolutions craze. Getting started at working out is one of the most popular resolutions out there, and one of the easiest to break. The gym regulars will likely have their peace back as soon as February. Check out this link for some insight on why we are so ready to give up on our New Year’s commitments.

If you are one of those folks who can never seem to keep it up, or if you are having trouble even starting down the workout track, it may be time to have an honest sit-down with yourself and figure out what exactly you find so hateful about sticking to an exercise journey. Here are some of the most common issues and some tips on how to deal with them.

The Boring Routine

This is easily the most hated obstacle that you can encounter. Imagine doing the exact same activities for the exact same length of time on the exact same days of each week. That is about as boring as it gets, right? The problem is, in our modern world, stifling routine is often the only way that anyone can afford to maintain an exercise habit: due to work, school, family, etc. people typically only have small windows of time in a week to devote to this kind of activity.

If you can vary when you go to your gym, awesome! Keep it diverse! If not, though, consider making tiny changes that will at least make it easier to bear. For example, vary your route, take a different street every few days, or make it into a warm-up jog. Vary the things you do, too! Don’t always start with the squats, for example – why not try some flexibility exercises or yoga to get you going before you approach the machines? For some more in-depth tips on how to maintain your motivation levels when you have a drab daily routine, check out this web page:

The Unavoidable Company

This is every introvert’s nightmare. Bad enough that you are out of shape, but you will have strangers staring at you and making comments while you try to fix it. The horror! Even if you don’t really mind being looked at, it can be a big distraction when someone repeatedly tries to initiate conversation with you.  Not to mention it can outright result in injury if you lose your focus at a bad moment.  Especially if you are handling some heavy equipment or have not quite warmed up yet.

Some people try to avoid this problem by simply working out on their own, at home or outdoors. The trouble is, if you are a beginner, you will most likely need the expert advice of a professional trainer.  A personal trainer can help you choose the right regime, avoid injury, and get results – and trainers are found in gyms. Thankfully, though, in recent years, a middle-ground has been established. There are a lot of online personal training and fitness coaching options available, allowing you to get the best of both worlds.

The Commute

Sometimes, the key factor is plainly spatial – your nearest gym might be too far to commute to. It can eat up even more of your valuable time and is actually a fairly common reason for quitting. Thankfully, you don’t need to stick to an inconvenient location. There are many courses that you can find online which let you work out at home, in your favorite park, or even on the go!

The Actual Exercises

What do you think of when we say “workout”? Jogging? Something like your high school PE class? No need, though! If these stereotypical activities don’t cut it for you, switch it up. Take up a sport or take classes in a dynamic dance. Getting back in shape can be done in tons of ways, and many are more fun than plain old gym!

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