Top 5 Careers For Women In The Healthcare Industry

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If you are thinking about entering the healthcare industry, there are a number of health careers you can catapult into. Women can certainly find a rewarding career in the healthcare industry, especially in certain healthcare spaces geared toward women health needs, like gynecology for example.

There can be health careers, however, that still are not offering equal pay and career advancement for women. This makes it more important than ever for women to change things in these spaces. The following health careers serve up more flexibility, fair pay, and professional development. Let’s dive in!

1. Nursing

Pursuing a nursing career can be a definite win for women looking for jobs in the healthcare space. There are also a lot of nursing options, from working in a hospital environment to a private doctor practice. Nursing is also the number one choice for women in the health industry.

If you want to launch your career in nursing, there are a few ways to go about it. One is to complete an associate’s degree in nursing, but you may not get the pay you want and your job options could be limited to certain areas, like elder care for instance.

The second way to pursue a nursing career is to get a bachelor’s in nursing at a university. This can be done by attending a school of nursing that provides top quality instruction, placement after graduation, and more benefits.

2. Become A Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

This career choice for women in the healthcare industry may seem like an odd one, but it is definitely a rewarding one. A career as a pharmaceutical sales rep is also a quite lucrative one, depending on your ability to sell and the company you work for.

There are also a lot of benefits involved in a pharma sales rep career. Your schedule is flexible, and you might even find it best to do a part-time position while pursuing other passions or a current career trajectory. The career advancement opportunities alone in this job field are worth looking into it a bit further.

3. Work In The Healthcare Industry From Home

Careers in the healthcare space do not always need to be in hospital or at a doctor’s office. You can have a very good health job from the comfort of your own home. There are a number of at-home healthcare jobs available, like medical transcription, technical writing, data entry, recruiting, and more.

To find these types of at-home health jobs simply hop online and Google “remote healthcare jobs” and you will see plenty of search options appear on the first page of Google. Jobs can be found on Indeed,, FlexJobs, and the list goes on.

4. Become A Doctor or Nurse Practitioner

I know this is easier said than done, but more and more women are becoming doctors and nurse practitioners later down the road. You certainly do not need to be a traditional college grad to leap into medical school or a nurse practitioner program. In fact, becoming a doctor later in life may be optimal, since you know a bit about hard work and dedication.

Being a woman, you also have a bit of a leg up in certain women’s health spaces, such as OB-GYN, and other more woman-minded healthcare niches. Another very good benefit of becoming a doctor for women is that private practices can even out the male-to-female pay ratio.

5. Consider A Radiology Tech Career

Radiology techs are the foundation of many medical professionals and have a lot of career options. You can work in a hospital, private doctor office, radiology specific center, and more. There is also a big demand for radiology techs these days with more and more companies including AI technologies in radiology such as Novarad.

Once you are a radiology tech, there are areas for professional growth too. Radiology techs can become MRI technologists and explore other opportunities in that setting. These are truly unique jobs in the healthcare industry. Becoming a radiology tech may not be as glamorous as a nurse or doctor, but it is a rewarding and lucrative career.

Wrapping Up . . .

There are plenty of healthcare industry careers for women to consider and pursue. The above five are only a few, but among the top jobs in health. The more women pursue healthcare careers, the louder the voice for equality in the industry gets as well.

If you are thinking about a career in health and wellness, do some research and find the perfect fit for you. Remember, you can begin a health career at any age, and make it your own.