Top 5 Things to See in New Zealand

Nestled in the South Pacific Ocean, just southeast of Australia, is the beautiful country of New Zealand. Islands filled with beautiful scenery, amazing wildlife, and a culture unlike any other. With so much to see and do what are five of the best things to do while visiting?

1: Visit the Lord of the Rings sets

Both series were filmed in New Zealand, with sets dotting parts of the countryside. From Matamata and Wellington to Canterbury and Fiordland, directions of how to get there and what to expect can be found here.

2: Experience Māori Culturea

The Māori are the native peoples of New Zealand, and their culture is a huge aspect of living the “kiwi” life. For outsiders, it is possible to experience a bit of this culture, with guided tours to get a Māori welcome, experience a hāngi feast, and even get a chance to see somebody weaving or carving. You can even hear the legend of Māui, a demi-god who had a big part in creating the North Island.

3: Visit Nature Parks

Not unlike other places around the world, New Zealand is committed to keeping nature as natural as possible. Feel free to take a day trip Tiritiri Matangi Island, where birds and other wildlife enjoy a safe haven where they can thrive.

For those that just want to enjoy a simple hike, check out Tongariro Northern Circuit, which is a multi-day hike near a National park that encompasses an active volcano and has beautiful emerald lakes, craters, waterfalls and more.

If you’re more of a day hike person, both islands are full of places that are easy day walks, such as Hamiltons Waikato region on the North Island, or Queenstown and the surrounding area on the South Island.

New Zealand Nature

4: Food and Wine

Once you’ve got your exercise in, it’s time to enjoy some of the local cuisine. If you want the top of the line food experience, going to a luxury lodge to get a multicourse meal sure to fill you with the cultural entrees of the kiwi people.

Maybe you’re one of those people that would love to learn how to cook as the kiwis do. Well no problem there, on both islands there are places that will be more than happy to teach you how to cook a proper meal as they do in New Zealand.

After you’re done eating, head over to one of the local wineries to get a taste of the local grapevines.

New Zealand Wine

5: Enjoy the Night Sky

With all the hustle and bustle of the everyday life, and all that you’ve been doing on your vacation, don’t forget to take a step back and enjoy the beauty of nature. Recently, part of the South Island was recognized as an International Dark Sky Reserve. With the darkest skies around, whether you lay a blanket at the foot of the mountains, or take a tour and peer through telescopes, the sights are sure to take your breath away and give you that relaxing feeling you’ve been searching for.

With each day so full of opportunities for taking in New Zealand’s sights, back in your room there will be a bit of time to spend a few dollars on an online gaming site, enjoy one of the many delightful New Zealand wines, and perhaps catch one of the inspiring New Zealand sunsets.

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New Zealand – – Experience it!

Photos courtesy of official New Zealand Tourism

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