Top 5 Ways For Using Leftover Wine

leftover wine

If you have any wine leftover, you have two choices in regards to what to do with it: you can either throw it away (which would be quite wasteful), or you can actually use it. While you may question what use there is for a half bottle or so of leftover wine, the truth is that there are multiple applications for it.

Regardless of which specific type of wine you have, whether it be chardonnay wines or pinot noir wines, you will be able to successfully utilize each of the tips we are about to go over.

Here are the top five ways for using leftover wine:

Use It For Next Evening’s Dinner

 The simplest use for leftover wine is to simply save it for dinner the next evening. You may not want to do this if you plan on having guests over (since you want to have an unopened bottle of wine for that), but if it’s just you and your spouse or significant other this is definitely the easiest way to use leftover wine.

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Freeze It For A Future Recipe

 Take any ordinary ice cube tray and pour your left over wine in it. Then stick it in the freezer to save for later. Due to the alcoholic content in wine, it will not freeze until its rock hard, but it will at least be solid so you can pop them out of the tray. If you plan on making any recipes in the future with wine, using leftover wine may be more desirable than an unopened bottle that you would probably rather save for drinking. Speaking of recipes…

Use It To Make Wine Syrup

 Wine syrup is just one of many recipes you can make with leftover wine. It’s incredibly easy to make and is an excellent way to use leftover wine. Simply combine sugar with your leftover wine and you will turn it into a wine syrup. You can then spread this syrup over anything from pancakes to salads and even to ice cream.

Use It To Make Wine Jelly

 Another recipe you can use leftover wine for is wine jelly. Simply follow the same steps you would follow with wine syrup, and then add pectin into the mix. Just like that, you’ll have your very own wine jelly that you can then include as a side in a variety of different dishes.

Turn Your Wine Into Vinegar

 Finally, as long as you’re patient, you can turn your wine into vinegar. Simply allow the wine to sit in the open in a cool and dim location, and believe it or not it will actually turn into one of the best tasting vinegars you’ve ever tasted.

Using Leftover Wine

 Wine is something that you don’t want to allow to go to waste, so by following the tips in this article you will ensure that you find a use for any leftover wine bottles you have after a party.