Top Five Dos and Don’ts of Job Hunting

From time to time, each and every one of us gets into this position. Whether you are a student looking for a part-time job, you just finished college and you are looking for the job you’ve always dreamed of or you are looking for a change of scenery, job hunting is a process we’ve all been through.

Just like any other process, if you do it the right way, it shouldn’t be so hard finding a suitable job for your personality, knowledge, and preferences. Even so, many people tend to approach this process from a wrong angle.  Here are the top job search tips to remember:


1.   Define Your Preferences

Before starting to search for a job you should know what job you are looking for. When I got out of my final college exam I asked myself:”Ok, Rachel, from what you’ve experienced so far, what do you like most? What’s the first job that comes to your mind?”

The only answer that came to my mind was Marketing, Online Marketing to be more exact. That’s because I like statistics, being inventive, and trying to predict trends. Also, I know that technology is something for the future.

2.   Create the Best CV Out There

Your CV is the first contact you have with your future employer. Make sure you stand out from the pack! Technology comes in handy at this point. There are lots and lots of tools you can you to create a CV that will stand out.

I’d recommend you get rid of that dull and annoying template everyone’s using. Go one step further, choose an infographic as a template for your CV. It’ll be more attractive.

3.   Go Online

Online means both social media networks destined for professionals, such as LinkedIn and job search engines, such as Jobs.Com. My LinkedIn profile is 100% complete, it offers exhaustive information regarding my professional background. In the past two weeks, I’ve been approached by 3 headhunters. That doesn’t happen quite often, but it’s a proof that a good LinkedIn profile will get you results.

4.   Set Up Automatic Search Criteria

Job search engines are great for a push approach. You get to your future employers, not vice versa. Use search engines’ capabilities to do some thorough digging and find every job that might match your preferences.

Also, you can use their search criteria and mementos to keep you up to date with the latest jobs matching your preferences. Job hunting it’s not a one-day operation, it takes time to find the suitable job. These options will make your life easier.

5.   Personalized Cover Letter

According to Ryan Connor, a writer at EduGeeksClub suggests the following: “For your job application to be taken into consideration it should be customized for each job. Even though you might apply for the same job, requirements and skills might differ. Let’s just say you apply for a job as a designer, some companies might focus on one program of the Adobe Suite. One company might focus on Photoshop, while the other might focus on Premiere Pro because they edit videos quite often.”


1.   DON’T Lower Your Bar

You might get disappointed because you still didn’t get the job you are looking for. You might be tempted to look for other industries or departments. I will tell you one thing, searching for a job it’s not an easy task.

Stick to your preferences, don’t lower your bar. I got job offers from insurance companies, they wanted me to work as a sales agent for them. I also got offers from real estate companies, but I declined their offers. Why? Because Online Marketing is what I want and I might do it for the rest of my life. I don’t like doing something that I’m not confident that I will like.

2.   DON’T Network Just for Fun

Next time you go to your regular pub to meet and chat with your friends, stop thinking about your next joke. Combine fun with necessities, ask them about their companies, open jobs they might know about.

This is not just for this situation, this is an advice you should keep in mind for the rest of your life. Always try to make fun to be productive. Use it to relax, but try to combine it with something useful, such finding more information about a possible job opening.

3.   DON’T Use Only One Search Method

Seeing a problem from one point of view alone won’t help you get over it in a timely manner. Use online methods, such as LinkedIn,, and other job search engines, they are very effective. Also, you should look for offline methods, as well. Career fairs are a method you should consider, they are a great place to find lots and lots of possible employers.

4.   DON’T Go to Interviews Barehanded

Your job interview might be the first and only opportunity you have to impress your recruiter. Going to interview barehanded won’t get you that job. Do some digging, find out everything there is about your future employer.

  • Number of Employees
  • Company Data(sector, industry, sub-industry)
  • Decision Factors
  • Job Requirements

5.   DON’T Wait for Them to Answer, Be Proactive

Remember, they might have multiple job openings, it might take a while for them to answer. Instead of waiting for weeks to get an answer, you should try to be proactive. Send them a feedback e-mail, ask them about your situation. You are not being rude, you just want to know if you should keep on searching or stop.


The job hunting process is quite exhausting. Regardless of your career level, it takes time and patience to get the expected result. Use these tips to ease your job hunting process and make sure you land the job you’ve always dreamed of.

This guest post was authored by Justin Osborne

Justin is a teacher from Leicester, UK. When not teaching his little students and rooting for Leicester FC, he loves to share his thoughts and opinions about education and self-improvement with other people on different blogs and forums. You can follow Justin on Facebook and Twitter.

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