The Ultimate Gift Ideas for All Types of Dads Out There

A father is a paramount and inseparable part of a person’s life. He was probably the one who bought you your first bike, played catch with you on the weekends, and the one you turn to for safety and security. Since dad definitely played a part in giving you the gift of life, it’s only natural if you want to appreciate him from time to time, or at least once a year on Father’s Day. In the United States, Father’s Day is celebrated every third Sunday of June.

Purchasing a gift for someone can be one of the most difficult things to do, especially when it’s for someone as important as Dad. Millions of things usually run through one’s mind in such situations, like how much you can afford to spend for the gift, when you should make the purchase, and where you can shop for them. But the most important question of them all is: What kind of gift should you get for Dad?

To answer this question, you need to identify what kind of person your Dad is. Below is a comprehensive list of Dad personalities and the gifts best suited for each of them.

Classic Dads

If your dad sits at the kitchen table every morning eating eggs and bacon, he is most likely a classic kind of dad. This type of dad typically loves his morning coffee, either black or with cream and sugar. You guessed it right—a coffee maker can be the perfect gift for a classic dad. Starting from a single serve brewer to an espresso machine, the choice is all yours!  So which one type of coffee maker should you get him? – You probably know the answer better than we do! We’d recommend browsing YouTube or something like CoffeeChannel to get some ideas.

Health Freak Dads

Some dads are naturally conscious of their fitness. Some have offsprings who worry over the increasing size of their beer belly. If your dad fits into one of these categories, fitness appliances may be a great gift for them to start a healthier lifestyle. Think FitBit and juicer for a proper exercise and nutritious diet. You can expect to spend around $60 for an entry-level FitBit and $30 to $300 for an electric juicer.

Practical Dads

Probably one of the most common types of dads out there, practical dads are the ones who will tell you that they don’t want any gifts for Father’s Day. These dads are also the ones who will keep you racking your brain endlessly in search for a gift. Fortunately, aside from practical, these dads are typically very responsible. Play to this side of him by presenting him with a plant that is easy to care for yet has a functional use, such as an aloe vera plant. You only need to water them daily and when it is ripe, it can be consumed or applied topically to encourage hair growth, something that your dad may or may not need.

Business Dads

Is your dad still going to the office or having business meetings every day? Gifts such as tie clips or cufflinks may be appropriate and useful for them. If you would like to go that extra mile, a monogrammed handkerchief sounds like a great idea, as well.

Bearded Dads

Shaving is something nearly all dads do, no matter their personality. As they will be doing it for a long, long time, getting them a premium shaving kit with a sleek and durable electric shaver can make them happy. Plus, you can be extra sure that your gift won’t end up collecting dust on the corner of the closet.

Sensitive Dads

There is an increasing number of these types of dads recently. Besides, there are studies that say men tend to get more emotional as they get older. For these dads, a simple yet meaningful gift is the best present. A bouquet of fresh flowers or a handmade gift can warm the cockles of their hearts and make them feel all fuzzy and pleased with you.

Gamer Dads

Believe it or not, this type of dads does exist. A game is something a little bit personal, so don’t get a gamer dad a game. Instead, get him a console or gaming equipment like a virtual reality headset. Oculus Rift is one of the best VR Headsets out there right now. It will set you back about $500, but it will be so worth it!

Tech-Savvy Dads

Still along the lines of technology, tech-savvy dads aren’t necessarily gamers. Their concerns lie elsewhere, such as in gadgets and electronic home improvement. A smart home assistant like Google Home can be the perfect gift for tech-savvy dads. It can be hooked up to any type of appliances such as his smartphone and the home entertainment and security system.

Homebody Dads

Truth be told, aren’t we all a little lazy to get out of the house? If Dad loves to watch football games at home in the comfort of his pajamas, don’t scold him. It’s one of his guilty pleasures! Instead, get him fluffy and comfy slippers to complement his outfit. You will his favorite child in no time.

Outdoorsy Dads

Hiking, camping, or fishing may be his favorite past-time activities. Depending on your dad’s specific hobby, you can get a specialized equipment for him to use. Or you can give him the one tool that can be used for any outdoor activities: a utility knife. Nowadays, utility knives come in a sleek and neat packaging, such as the Leatherman Skeletool. It’s a stainless steel multi-purpose tool you can get for only $54.99.

Dapper Dads

For dads who still fuss over their appearance, fashion and grooming kits are the correct path to go down on. Nice watches and perfumes can level up your dad’s style, while hair pomade and facial products can keep him looking properly manicured. If this is who your dad is, why not?

Foodie Dads

Many men discover their passion later in life—after fathering a child, for example. To support his hobby, you can get him a cookbook or cooking appliances. What about an outdoor BBQ set? He can practice on his cooking skills, plus you get to enjoy a delicious Sunday roast with your family. After all, what can be more American than a barbecue?

Can’t find your dad on the list above? Don’t worry! The key is to identify the thing he likes to do most. After that, the only thing you have to do is to pick a gift that supports that hobby. Still doesn’t sound like your dad? Why don’t you go and spend some quality time with him on Father’s Day? Sometimes, a father’s only wish is to have a relationship with their children. After all the things he had done for you, that’s the very least you can do for him. For more ideas on and tips on a range of topics, check out Roses Only.