6 Tips for Boosting and Faking Confidence That Work

Faking Confidence

Ladies, you know what we are talking about – how do you look and act confident even when you don’t feel it? Well, it seems like you aren’t alone in this journey because Google search results show just how many times we’ve been asking the questions. Fact – there are days when we will be unable to pull ourselves together but, we have to fake it. Fortunately, it often works – I look confident but inside, I am always shaking. So, how do you go around it?

Most of were overly confident growing up, and right now, we just want the courage and the confidence to sing  Mary had a little lamb at the top of our voices. You do remember the Mary had a little lamb song, don’t you? Well, this article will help you inch closer or beyond that.

You don’t have to talk, just listen

Whenever you are anxious or nervous, you try filling the silence with unnecessary talk. Talking shouts lack of confidence and you may even come out as a self-obsessed human. Here is what you should do – just listen more. If the other person pauses, let the silence linger, they will talk some more. A sign of a confident person is silence. Your silence will make you look and feel confident within minutes.

Here is the other thing you need to do – ask open-ended questions. You will give the other person the freedom to be introspective and thoughtful.

No slouching, please

Your confidence levels shoot through the roof within seconds when you sit or stand in an upright posture. Ever wonder why we find men and women in uniform attractive and trustworthy? Well, they stand tall, chin up, and shoulder blades pulled back as far as possible. Note that besides looking timid, bad posture is harmful to your back.

On the same note, stop fidgeting and looking for weirdly unattractive things to do with your hands.

Make sure you’re well rested

This is a big one – no matter how much grit or self-confidence you’ve built, it’s crucial that you feel good when the big moment comes. There are few things that can have more of a negative impact than a night of restless sleep.

You rehearse every word in your head and your mind races while you should be getting your ZZZs. Just deciding that you won’t go down that road is rarely enough.

Instead, take full control and plan a few days ahead. You might consider temporarily including a supplement like melatonin. It’s a mellow sleep aid that your body already makes and it will help you stop that racing brain and get a good night sleep – for more sleep tips visit TheSleepStudies.com.

Shy away from the spotlight

You are performing well at work, and you just got this big promotion or recognition for your performance. But, to look confident, that isn’t the time for you to go for your happy dance and to talk about yourself. Even though you are proud, you shouldn’t show it. Shine that light and glory on someone else – say your teammates or spouse. It makes all the difference. Keep in mind that validation comes from within. As you grow and shine through life, do not put other people down.

Don’t rush through your speech

A scared cat is ready to scurry away – so does a less confident lady giving a presentation. When anxious, you can feel your heart beating through your chest, and if you try giving a speech in this state, your research will go down the drain. Breathe. Talk slower. Look confident!

Ask for help

We’d like to think that we know a lot and that is why our confidence levels often tank. When you ask, you open yourself for growth and is shows that you are secure enough to acknowledge your weaknesses. So, go forth and ask. You’ll award that person the respect they deserve, and in return, your confidence levels will shoot.

Bonus:  Create Your Own Confidence

Stress and anxiety trigger release of cortisol – a fight and flight hormone. When this happens, you get emotional and your creativity tanks. You also startle fast, and you get scared off easily. These aren’t the best features of a confident person. Working out reverses this and releases feel-good hormones or endorphins making you feel happier and confident. Try it out today!

There you have it – your confidence boosting cheat sheet. The last pieces of advice, dress well, use the right words – avoid maybes, or might’s, make eye contact, and SMILE!