What are some major skills gained from an MBA?


So, you graduated from college.  Four years, a whole lot of hard work and a little bit of fun, too.  What’s next?  Sure, you could get a job, and start the rat race but there is another path available and that entails going back to school.  No matter what your major is, there are huge benefits to gaining an MBA degree.  Not only will a wealth of opportunities open up for you, but you will gain some valuable skills along the way.  These skills are not only useful professionally, but can be used in your personal life, too.

Leadership skills

As you work through your MBA, you will develop leadership skills that are important to your success.  Successful businesses depend on strong leaders.  Whether you are going to be an executive for a company or become an entrepreneur and run your own business, these leadership skills will put you a step ahead of your competition.  You will learn how to inspire those you lead.  A good leader is one that doesn’t micromanage, berate, or overwork those he leads.  A good leader will inspire you to do your best.  Leaders must be willing to do the same tasks as those being led.  You’ll learn how to lead others in this way throughout your MBA courses.

Leadership extends beyond business and leadership skills will help you be successful.

Financial skills

A successful business makes money.  When you obtain your MBA, you will have knowledge about wealth, money and finances.  Knowing how to properly manage the financial books can make the difference between success and failure of a company, no matter the size.  A strong knowledge of business finances will prepare you to be successful.  Even if maths or finances are not your thing, gaining basic financial skills will help you a lot.

Analytical skills

Critical thinking is a big part of being able to make sound decisions.  As you study for your MBA, you will be given the tools you need to critically analyse a situation.  You will be able to make a well-informed decision based on all the facts available.  Methods on how to identify potential pitfalls and outcomes of a decision will be taught.  You will learn how to take steps to mitigate the risks associated with a decision.  A successful decision maker is able to take all the facts, gather information and use the experiences and opinions of others to make the best business decision.  You’ll learn how to do that during your MBA courses.

Get your MBA

I got my MBA several years ago, and I don’t regret it one bit.  The leadership, financial, and analytical skills I learned are invaluable.  These are life skills, not just business skills.  I encourage you to commit today – you won’t regret it.

Ms. Career Girl

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