What Is Life Coaching?

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Understanding life coaching

There are, arguably, still a great number of misconceptions surrounding the practice of life coaching. Yet, in a world in which the work/life barrier has arguably less clearly define, the role of a life coach has never had more relevancy.

Indeed, life coaches are unique insofar as they straddle that line between the worlds of the personal and the professional; two of the most common misconceptions surrounding life coaching are that coaches are either therapists or business advisers.

In fact, life coaches are neither – instead they will help you manage the various facets of your personal and professional life in the hope of unlocking your full potential, helping you make sense of your belief system, and help you to arrive at an objective assessment of your resources and future goals.

In short, a life coach is there to help you to re-focus your thinking and establish your own momentum for change. This is why perhaps the most useful analogy when thinking about a life coach that of a personal trainer – insofar as they are there to help you to realise your goals.

Our infographic below outlines some of the key benefits and fun facts surrounding life coaching. Some of the information below may not come as a surprise; however there are some surprising insights about the industry.

  • 9% of life coaches prefer clients who rank as solo/individual professionals.
  • Only 48.3% of life coaches dedicate their professional focus to life coaching; the vast majority balance their life coaching work with other professions.
  • 8% of life coaches are based in the USA.
  • 63% of life coaching sessions actually take place on the phone, with 34.3% being conducted over the phone.
  • The majority of life coaching consultations will last 6-12 months.

That’s just a summary.  Check out the full infographic  created by Success Inspired to get a  complete understanding of the benefits of life coaching.

The Benefits of Working with a Life Coach

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