Your Smile Is Your First Impression: Make It Bright!

Think about the last time you walked into a room full of strangers.  While you’re subconsciously assessing your surroundings, you’re likely to be consciously looking for one or two people who seem approachable.  And the smile they project, or don’t, is key in your selections.  Yes, we’re all naturally drawn to friendly people, and a great smile is a warm invitation to connect.

However, all smiles are not created equal.

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What Makes A Smile More Attractive?

Medical science has learned that our dental health has a significant affect on our general health.  Why is that important to note? While we certainly have empathy for those who have health challenges, we’re naturally drawn to those who are healthy, so a healthy smile is inviting for more than just the visual attraction.  That said, here’s what makes a smile more physically attractive, according to

White Teeth and Teeth Whitening

If you have any doubt about how important having whiter teeth is, think about it this way.  On the opposite ends of the scale are the extremes of super white teeth, and grungy gray/yellow teeth.  Which of those two would you find more attractive?  While few people are at the extremes, they do fall somewhere on the scale.  And that means we’re subconsciously ranking them.

Of course, with today’s dental technology, you don’t have to endure dingy teeth.  You can even do it at home, with options like gogo smile’s Home whitening kit.  Or, if you’re more adventurous you can try laser teeth whitening or charcoal teeth whitening to get the results you want.

Remember that once you have your teeth white, avoiding teeth-staining foods and drinks will help keep them that way.

Straight Teeth

Having properly aligned teeth not only adds to a quality smile, it makes overall dental hygiene easier.  When your teeth are straight it also makes chewing foods easier and more efficient.  Whereas in the past an orthodontic procedure might take years, modern dental technology has reduced that greatly.  Gone are the days of annoying wires and cables except in the most extreme cases.

While a complete orthodontic treatment is fairly expensive, it returns many benefits.  Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing that smile you’ve always wanted.  That’s priceless!

Tooth Condition

You might have super white teeth that are perfectly aligned, but have a chip or cavity that ruins that otherwise perfect smile.  Procedures to correct small imperfections are relatively simple and painless, and can usually be completed in one or two visits to your dental professional.

There’s no need to be envious of those great smiles you see out there.  Take care of what’s needed, and soon you’ll be smiling brightly and making a dazzling first impression!

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