How To Find Your Drivers and Motivation

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Getting a job is no longer enough. We must learn how to create jobs and how to stay relevant, innovated, sharp and responsible.

To do this, we must learn how to: find our passion, set our goals and reach them, and learn how to turn opposition into successes. All too many (of us) live a life within fixed boundaries that have ceased to inspire, motivate and satisfy us. New times require new ways to work, think and live.

The latest research shows that people who are bored or who don’t really care about what they’re doing may die younger than those who do something they like. Our bodies are designed to trigger an internal bomb to make an end to one’s sufferings. So simply put, you don’t live as long.

However, there is a much bigger problem that comes from this conclusion. Studies show that people who are bored or stray from pursuing things that would otherwise challenge them, may not really care about what they’re doing. In other words, they may lack the motivation and drive.

Feeling bored at work or life, in general, may be even more dangerous than being stressed. Why? Someone (who has the free will of course) and who is often bored is unlikely to be motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps “bored” people are more likely to eat fast foods and less likely to put in the effort and commitment to exercise, which can cause serious health issues in the long run.

Finding What Motivates You is Imperative!

A lot of people never find their motivation (drivers), and purpose in life, nor do they understand what motivates them. It is imperative to know what drives you because it is your so-called driving force that will take you forward toward your goals, keeps you motivated and happy.

When people use the term “LIFE DESIGN,” what pops into your head? This term Life Design isn’t just about career planning. The concept of Life Design is much more ambitious, holistic and innovative. It is about a plan to design your life, both in your personal and professional areas. It is about recreating a life that would satisfy you and make you feel more fulfilled.

After more than ten years of life-design coaching and research, I find that many individuals do not truly and fully understand their own motivations, and as a result, they never reach and establish a “happy and balanced life.” Therefore, it is essential to spend the time to build your self-awareness and find your purpose.

The first step to finding your purpose is to look back at your life story. What made you who you have become? Look back at your life and all your ups and downs. Even in your darkest traumas you can find purpose, meaning and motivation (to do better, do more, do less etc.).

The best way to identify your motivation(s) is to look at your 3 H’s – what makes you Hungry (mentally), Happy and Honored?

How to Identify the 3 H’s

To find your 3H’s is to take an in-depth look inside yourself, by picturing how do like to see yourself in 10+ years from now. Ask yourself these two questions,

  • How do you want to spend the rest of your life?
  • Do your goals match with your life-design?

If the answer to the last question is no, you must draw upon your faith and commitment.   Do not wait or make excuses. Make adjustments!

Diversion and distractions will be a part of the journey towards success, but in order achieve your goals it is essential to stay focused for the long haul. Those who identify and then choose to pursue their 3 H’s does not let fear hold them back. By defining goals, creating schedules to achieve them, and staying committed, they gain more in life.

This guest post was authored by Soulaima Gourani:

Soulaima Gourani is a lecturer, corporate advisor, and author. She is the author of three books; “Ignite your career,” “Take control of your career,” and “Courage to success.”   Gourani was elected by One2Speak as one of the best Danish keynote speakers in 2010.  In 2012 she was announced as one of the Young Global Leaders by World Economic Forum.  Later that same year named to be the chairwoman of the nonprofit organization Global Dignity.

In 2013 she was announced as one of the greatest thinkers in the Nordic by Nordic Business Forum. And in 2014 chosen as one of the “40 under 40” European young leaders. She was elected as a TED mentor in 2016 and was later that same year announced as one of the “Inspiring 50 Nordics” women in the tech sector. She lives in Palo Alto, California with her husband and their two kids.

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