Why more women should consider property investment

property investment

More women than ever before are considering property investment. Research from property investment company RW Invest has revealed that 2018 saw an incredible 140% rise in the number of women searching for UK property. Furthermore the overall amount of female investors had increased by 78% from September to October 2018. Statistics like these present a promising outlook for 2019 when it comes to the number of women investing in property, and here are some reasons why more women should consider undertaking a property venture of their own.

It helps you be more financially independent

Women are becoming more financially independent than ever before with over a million female property investors in the UK. Today’s generation of women have much more freedom with their finances than generations before them. It is becoming far more common for women to be choosing career focused goals and ambitions. When done right, property investment is a great way that people can secure financial stability and independence. In the UK, there are a number of cities that offer some extremely promising prospects for potential property investors. Northern cities like Liverpool and Manchester are boasting some impressive rental yields and affordable prices, particularly for first-time investors. Student property investment can be a great route for those looking for their first investment, with student accommodation in constant demand and offering some very attractive rental returns.

It’s a way to achieve financial equality

Many women are still hit by gender inequality in the workforce, with three-quarters of over 100,000 large firms paying women less than men. This divide means that women often struggle to earn the same amount that men do, and until these issues are resolved, it may be necessary for women to have additional sources of income. Investing is a great way for working women to earn an amount equal to or more than their male counterparts.

It can be a rewarding career

Property investment can also end up being a rewarding new career for those who choose a career working full time as a buy to let landlord. Many people who start investing in property end up purchasing more and more buy to let properties in different areas, creating an eclectic portfolio which can require a lot of their time. If you have a goal of quitting your day job thanks to your property investments, it’s important to be patient, sensible, and make intelligent, informed decisions. Over time, you can generate enough passive income to make an early retirement, which is a dream scenario for a lot of people, whatever their gender!

It’s a way to gain new skills

Becoming a property investor requires a number of existing skills such as organisation, financial management and budgeting. That’s why investing in property gives you the chance to build on your skills, whilst also learning new ones. Skills that often come from property investment include improved communication and time-management, the ability to undertake extensive market research, better planning skills, and first-hand experience of managing your own business.