13 Ways to Incorporate Your Love of Travel Into Your Wedding

The travel bugs are out and about, and you and your fiancé are never able to fight them off, even when it comes to planning your wedding.

Don’t fret. It doesn’t matter whether your budget allows for a destination wedding or not — you can still create  phenomenal wedding themes inspired by the wanderlust feelings the two of you share. Dream up a wedding where your family and friends can bask in the atmosphere of a different city or country with these 13 ideas:

Get Creative With Your Invites

Sending plain old invitations is so 2010. You two are travel gurus, so kick off the wedding by setting the tone even before your guests step foot into the ceremony.

Go to a local thrift store to find old maps and use bits and pieces on your invitations. Print out mock passports or a boarding pass with the wedding as the destination.

For the ones who love flight, you can even fold your invitations into paper airplanes and place them in an envelope to channel the travel vibe all the way to your guests’ mailboxes.

Still on save the dates? It’s never too early to embrace your theme. Try out magnetic luggage tags that can stick on the fridge as a reminder. The possibilities are as endless as the oceans you like to travel.

Map out Your Wedding

Part of being an adventurer is sometimes following the path without knowing where exactly you are going. On your wedding day, though, your guests will need to know exactly where to go — there won’t be time for detours!

To stick with the theme of travel, create a wedding map highlighting where all of your festivities will take place. You can choose to make this piece as practical or pretty as you want.

Ditch the Table Numbers

Make it a journey for guests even once they are settled in for your reception. Instead of numbering tables, name each table after a country, city or landmark the two of you have been to or eventually will see. If you’re using escort or place cards, make them travel themed or make them specific to the table’s “location.”

Dress for the Road

The travel theme doesn’t have to stop at just the decor. Take a look at what you’ll wear on your wedding day to see where you can add a little spark. Here are some ideas:

  • Travel-themed socks with airplanes, trains or maps
  • Old maps made into flowers for in the bouquet or boutonniere
  • Suitcases for the bridal party to use for posing in photographs
  • Travel-themed garter
  • Bowtie or tie with map design
  • Pilot’s hat and outfit for the ringbearer

Sign off to Travel

Ditch the regular old guestbook and have guests sign a map or globe. If you’re good at thrifting, you can find one for cheap, or you can always visit some online boutiques for a unique vintage globe that has lots of character .

Eat Your Way Around the Globe

Even if you’re hosting your travel-themed wedding in your own backyard, your taste buds can still be in foodie heaven with exotic cuisine. Find a caterer (or several) who can make unique foods for your wedding.

If you’re feeling adventurous, create a station for each country you’d like to highlight. Your guests will love mingling and tasting what each station has to offer.

You’ve Got Mail

Everyone loves to open their mailbox to find a letter! Scatter a few postcards on each table for guests to write advice, wisdom or a wish for you two newlyweds, and then have a family member or friend mail them to you throughout your first year or two of marriage.

Send Guests Home With a Care Package

Going on a road trip without snacks is unheard of, so send guests home with a care package as their guest favor. Include trail mix, popcorn, beef jerky and some other baggies of your road trip favorites. For some extra fun, decorate the favors so they look like a suitcase or a package ready to be mailed!

Bake up a World Creation

Three-tiered cakes will always be beautiful, but for your travel-themed wedding, you’ll need a spin on this wedding staple. Have your baker make a tiered cake designed like suitcases, or for the daring baker, ask them to make a cake shaped like a globe.

A travel-themed cake topper is also a practical option that won’t break your budget. Whether you’re into elegant and sophisticated or simple and chic, the options are endless.

Mark the Runway

From the runway to the aisle way, today is your day to shine! While there won’t be a plane touching down between your ceremony chairs, you’ll be gracing that aisle, and it should be beautiful.

Give your entrance a boost by creating an aisle runner with some travel-themed touches, or don it with your favorite travel-inspired quote.

Let The Kids Have Some Fun

The little ones have a way of stealing the show during weddings, and if you’re having some kiddos walk down your aisle, there’s a good chance they’ll get a lot of laughs.

For your travel-themed wedding, go an alternative route for the ring bearer and flower girl. If you and your partner are into flying for your travels, dress them up as a pilot or flight attendant. Or give them a cute sign to carry in that says, “We are cleared for take off!” Use your imagination to come up with an idea that fits your theme.

Ask for Input

If the two of you are feeling the travel itch but have no idea of where you’d like to visit, ask your guests! There’s a good chance many of your guests have traveled in the United States and abroad, so give them an outlet to recommend destinations.

At each seat, place a card or popsicle stick with the guest’s name on it. Have a sign on the table instructing them to write a destination they think you should see.

Each year or two after your wedding — or however frequently you’d like — draw out a card or stick to see where you should travel. And, since the guest’s name is on the recommendation, you know who to call for advice on where to stay, eat and what to do!

Hashtag It Up

Even though you’ll most likely have a professional photographer onsite to capture the wedding day, your family and friends will also be around and may be able to catch a candid moment the photographers could miss. Create the perfect wedding hashtag with a hint of travel so you can see all of the crazy moments you missed at your wedding!

Imagination is The Only Limit to Wedding Themes

Guests will love taking in all of the details at your travel-themed wedding. Don’t forget to send them a few photos from your honeymoon, too, so they can see all of the beautiful places you were able to experience as newlyweds!

Sarah Landrum

After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR, Sarah moved to Harrisburg to start her career as a Digital Media Specialist and a writer. She later founded Punched Clocks, a site dedicated to helping young professionals navigate the work world and find happiness and success in their careers.

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