22 Ways to be an Annoying Co-Worker

We all have that one really annoying co-worker that drives us nuts. I’ve been hearing a lot of funny stories from my friends about this topic lately and wanted to share some notable grievances.

If you want to be the annoying one in the office you will probably:

1. Tell a story every time you get into the office and re-cap the details of EVERY phone call to the people sitting around you.

2. Assume that your co-workers and subordinates can read your mind. In other words, just don’t b0ther communicating at all. Just stay silent then get frustrated when your co-worker didn’t do what you wanted.

3. Talk about your husband non-stop. We do not care what your husband did at the gym, what he ate for dinner, and what he said to the cat last night. Sorry.

4. Come in late and leave early every day.

5. Take personal calls all day long and whisper.

6. Give other girls in your office “the elevator” because you are obviously being super critical about their hair, outfit and accessories. Since when are you the fashion police?

7. Don’t let your co-workers do their job. Email and call them after every single thing they do. Don’t bother just doing it yourself or anything…

8. Be the leader who doesn’t lead: don’t check in, don’t hold meetings, don’t have any interest in your subordinates’ personal or career development, and don’t provide any benchmarks for your team to follow.

9. Wear nasty perfume that is so strong that the whole floor wants to pass out or vomit.

10. Ask the same question 6 times in one day about the status of a project. Guess what? Asking the same question repeatedly doesn’t make it get done any faster.

11. Listen to loud Jamaican music at your desk in an open room.

12. Be as cold as ice: don’t make eye contact, don’t ever compliment anyone, and definitely don’t show compassion to your co-workers.

13. Pretend you are the manager when you are actually the assistant.

14. Talk really, REALLY loud all day.

15. Eat smelly food at your desk and chew loudly.

16. Tell everyone “how smashed you got last night dude!”

17. Constantly call in sick or make up dumb excuses to leave early due to your personal life.

18. Don’t tell your co-workers when they made a mistake or could’ve done something better. Save it for their review 6 months later.

19. Spy on everyone around you in silence.  Then judge them and talk about it in the break room.

20. Make people feel stupid by being passive aggressive.

21. Act like you are way better than everyone.

22. Complain constantly.

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