3 Reasons Why Parental Control Apps Are Life Saviors For Working Moms

Often working moms find themselves struggling between work and keeping updated about their kids. Many mothers have to deal with the constant work pressure and the guilt of not being physically present for children all the time. You’re always in a rush to get ready yourself, send the kids off to school, make sure they get back home safe, or where they are what are they doing. So many worries circle your mind all day long.

How would you feel if there was some way you could be updated about your kid’s activities while you’re busy at work? And not only their location but also their online activities! It’s time to be a tech-savvy mom and use parental control apps like, FamilyTime to do all this and much more. First of all, this app is not a spyware so you’re going to need your child’s consent on this.

A shout out to all the moms out there (working or not), don’t spy on your children. As tempting as it may sound, spying leads to no good. Not only do you live with the guilt of snooping on your children, but if your teen finds out (which they eventually will), they are going to feel hurt and mistrusted. Not to mention a huge fight on you, breaching their ‘privacy’. Even if they were doing something they aren’t supposed to, you’ll become the bad guy in no time. You don’t want that, no parent does! So, talk to your children about monitoring and explain to them that it is for their own good.

How can parental monitoring apps help?

There are a lot of apps out there, but let me tell you about the interesting features FamilyTime has to offer which can be a life savior for you:

1. Geo-fencing:

This feature lets you create virtual Geo-fences around places you want to receive check-in and checkout alerts. You can Geo-fence their school, your home, your parents house, the notorious pub downtown, any address you want. Save yourself the trouble of calling/texting them on a busy day and be notified anytime, anywhere.

2. Blacklist Apps:

Teens these days use all sorts of messaging and dating apps, which may be dangerous for them or you simply don’t want them to use such ‘hooking up’ apps. But even after repeatedly talking to them about it, you just aren’t sure if they are listening to you. Well, it’s time to tell them who’s the boss! Simply view all the apps in their phone/tab and block any iffy ones with a single touch on the screen. Problem solved!

3. SOS Alerts:

This feature can be a real peace of mind for you. With just one touch your kids can send you SOS alerts in case of an emergency along with their detailed location. With this feature, you can have the peace of mind that you teens can always reach you if they are in trouble even when their mobile credit is null.

You can also get the FamilyTime app from Google Play Store and iTunes.

Make parenting easy!

We can all agree that balancing between work and family can be really tough. Even if you’re a work at home mommy, you still want an effective and convenient way to stay in the loop with your teens 24/7. So give parental controls a try and see how they work for you. Happy motherhood!

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