5 Lighting Tricks You Need For Your Office

Lighting via pixy

Lighting is a lot more important than you might imagine. The right lighting scheme can help keep you energized and awake, making you a lot more productive in your day. And office lighting options are constantly changing and expanding. These five lighting tricks will make it easier for you to light your office area while being eco and budget friendly.

Natural Light

Natural light isn’t just the best kind of light, it is necessary for a healthy, content, and well-functioning brain. Humans need a certain amount of natural light each day to be productive, happy, and fight off illness and depression. Using natural light sources, like windows, promotes alertness and can lift your mood. Natural light also aids with the release of serotonin, which fights off depression. If you are looking to increase productivity and morale, having some natural light in an office space is vital. It is also very economical and environmentally friendly as it allows you to cut back on electricity. If you are having difficulty with the glare from natural light, you can tone it down with curtains, sheers, or blinds.

Embrace Technology

Smart lighting technology isn’t just for homes. Virtually all of the same functions you enjoy at home can be applied to the office. So from setting a tone, to security, to lights that shut down when there’s no one present, you’re only limited by your imagination. And the cost of smart lighting tech has dropped dramatically over the last decade. If you’re thinking about upgrading or doing a new install, smart choices will include smart lighting.

Task Lighting

If you’re looking to add light to just a specific area, then perhaps task lighting is what you want. Task lighting is a lamp or light source that has focused light trained on a precise spot. Task lighting is an economical choice for brightening up your workspace. The cost of a desk lamp is fairly cheap, and you can put a bright, focused light on the specified area where you need to work without having to invest a huge amount of money.

Wall Color

White walls aren’t just classic, they lighten up a room. White walls allow light reflection and create a brighter workspace. However, when it comes to the science of color, some schools of thought recommend not using white as it is too sterile. Instead, using light shades of green or blue can lead to better productivity and more creativity. These colors in light shades can still add to lightening the room as well as being soothing to the work environment.

Upgrade to LED Lightbulbs

Investing in LED lights can help increase productivity. LED lighting is not only more economical,  saving you money in electricity, but it mimics natural light to help keep you alert. The bright white light emitted from this type of bulb helps eliminate fatigue. These bulbs are also cooler and do not emit a lot of heat. This is good news for a small workspace. LED lights are good for the environment as they utilize far less electricity than other types of bulbs and they have a significantly longer life. These bulbs tend to be on the more- expensive side but the savings in utilities and the impact to the environment, as well as the ability to increase productivity, make this lighting choice well worth the few extra dollars.

Making these small changes in your office can have dramatic effects on productivity and mental health. Shedding a little more light doesn’t need to cost a fortune either. These easy solutions can have you working in a bright, happy workspace without hurting your bottom line.