Don’t crash in your job, change it!

Have you ever noticed after those first few months (or perhaps even years) in a new job, you find yourself settling into a comfortable, relaxing pattern? While comfort in one’s job is a good thing, it can quickly become monotonous and, boring.

What if, instead, you were constantly on the lookout for any new possibility available to you? Rather than falling into this comfortable routine, where you’re ‘cruising’ and spending each work day stuck on auto-pilot, you continuously considered whether you are excelling your job, if the conditions are right for you and if you are not trapped in a ‘dead end’?

If you think it’s time for the next challenge in your ever-evolving career, here are some job change tips to help you get started.

You don’t have to work at the same company throughout your entire career

It is very rare nowadays to stay in the same company throughout one’s career. So, instead of waiting to be offered (or forced to change), deploy your antennas, open your eyes and ears and be on for any new opportunity. It doesn’t even need to be in the industry you’re currently working. Each new job opening can lead to something interesting and exciting for you, even if it means changing course and moving towards a completely different career path. Don’t hesitate to call on your network of peers, including current and former colleagues, friends, family and mentors, to be well informed and take advantage of opportunities when they’re sure to arise.

Always choose what brings you joy

Ask yourself: Am I enjoying what I’m doing today? Does it still excite me? Are there still surprises, new things to learn or discoveries to be made? These reflective questions are important to ask every day.  The answers will inform you on whether or not you should stay in your current position. For new opportunities you’re considering, trust your gut reaction when you are reading more about the job or during and after attending a job interview. Do you feel light and excited, or heavy and contracted? Remember, you don’t want to shift from one disheartening job to another.

Think about gender equality

We’re becoming more aware, conscious, outspoken on the topic of gender equality and, in particular, the disparity between wages for men and women who are doing the same job. Think about how this may apply to you in your current job. Do you suffer from unequal treatment? If you feel you aren’t being treated fairly, ask yourself if you can make a difference. This would be an excellent opportunity to evolve your activities within the same company.

You can speak up without having to leave a job you would otherwise enjoy, and you may have cards to play to change mentalities and policy within the company. So, even if you eventually left, you have enacted positive change for other women employees. Of course, if they are unwilling to change, you’ll know it’s time to look for a company and position that prioritises their employees, equality and other matters you feel strongly about.

Be the one who chooses and not the one who is chosen

Take some time and ask yourself what you really want. Do you want interesting work, a good salary, more responsibilities?  Or maybe flexible hours, likeminded colleagues, an open work environment or a private office, or a specific company? Do you any or all of these things in your current position? If not, what else could you choose? Recognize and understand your value, your uniqueness, and everything you have accomplished so far. Don’t be modest! List your strengths, everything you bring to your business, to your colleagues and to your team. By knowing what you want and what qualities and assets you can bring to the table, you’ll know what sets you apart from other candidates and, you can pursue the job you always wanted.  Or even that higher position in your current company that you’ve been holding out for.

Be aware of who you are and what you want to do. It doesn’t have to be a clear idea in your mind.  You can start with what you do not like to do and tighten the circle as you go to refine your wishes.

Don’t be afraid to look beyond your current job and the industry you work in. What if you completely changed direction? What would it take to leave and go conquering new horizons? It may be end up being the job that fulfills everything you want, ticks all your boxes and truly challenges and excites you. So, don’t be afraid to make that change today.

This guest post was authored by Laurence Favier

Laurence Favier is a Joy of Business facilitator and highly experienced corporate executive. After more than 30 years in senior IT roles, particularly in project management and operations, Laurence made a conscious decision to adopt a more fulfilling and nurturing approach to work and impending retirement.

After discovering Access Consciousness™, Laurence began to integrate these effective tools into her life, and to teach them to others. She has swiftly become an Access Consciousness™ certified facilitator, a Being You facilitator and a Joy of Business facilitator. She provides trainings, conferences, workshops and one-on-one sessions.


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