5 Tips to Create the Perfect Garden

career as a gardener Create the Perfect Garden

Is your garden looking a little lacklustre? Well, it’s time to fix that! Transforming your garden into somewhere special doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive, even. With careful thought and planning, you can add lovely colour, interest, and comfort into this area of your home — and make it a place you adore spending time. Here are five simple tips you can use to turn a bland garden into a dreamy haven.

1. Tend your garden

The most obvious way to inject life and color into your garden is by adding flowers. When you’re choosing flowers, remember to take the light, shade, and soil in your garden into account. Make sure the plants you decide on are a good fit. Rain water tanks are also very useful for safely collecting the rainwater in your garden; you can then use it to water your plants (along with a host other uses!).

If you want to create a path or patio, gravel is a much more cost-effective option than paving. Laying gravel is relatively simple. Define the area you want to fill with gravel, get rid of any loose soil and grass, lay down a ground cover to prevent weeds, and cover it with the gravel — a depth of 2cm is best. You can also easily turn your lawn into a little feature by cutting it in a clear shape (such as, a square or circle).

2. Add lighting

Various types of lighting can be used to set the mood and ambience in your garden. Good lighting is crucial if you’re going to be using your outdoor space for entertaining guests in the long summer evenings. It’s also helps improve safety as you can better see where you’re going and adds that all-important style.

If you still want to continue using your garden as the evenings get a little chillier, consider installing an outdoor fireplace or a chimenea. It’s the perfect thing to keep you and your friends and family warm in cooler weather. Be sure to arrange seating thoughtfully around the fire, so everyone can equally benefit from the heat and light.

Another option for garden lighting are simple candles; dot them around your garden wherever you see fit. Candles function to provide soft light and set a romantic mood. You can also enhance their warmth and light further with the addition of pretty fairy lights; hang them in the trees or above the table and seating area.

3. Care for your pool

If you have a pool in your garden, it’s probably the focal feature. Keeping your pool looking good requires regular maintenance, as you probably know. If it’s looking a little worse for wear, spend some time cleaning your pool to get it back into tip-top shape. Skim debris off the surface, scrub the floor and walls to remove dirt and algae, and thoroughly clean the filter. Be sure to maintain the correct water chemistry, too. This ensures the pool water is safe and hygienic.

You should also consider the area around your pool. Give the surrounding decking or paving a clean (and remove any weeds from the edges and cracks if necessary). If you want to enhance the sense of luxury, add in occasional seating or deck chairs, as well as some flowering plants for extra beauty.

4. Avoid overcrowding

When it comes to designing a lovely garden, aim for simplicity. Don’t try and stuff in too many shrubs, flowers, and plants — no matter how tempting it may be! Having too many plants will only make your garden seem overcrowded instead of simple and spacious. The more plants you have, the more time you’ll need to devote to taking care of them. Keeping your garden on the simple side may not be as easy if you have a smaller garden, but consider making the most of your space by using hanging baskets, trellises, and wall-mounted baskets.

5. Add outdoor furniture

Outdoor furniture is crucial for creating a relaxing, comfortable garden. If you don’t already have patio furniture, invest in a table and chairs at least. You can go even further and up the comfort with bean bags, floor cushions, chaise lounges, and even a sofa. Arrange your furniture to create a distinct seating zone and make sure there are clear walkways to and from the house. Make sure any outdoor furniture you buy is durable, waterproof, and easy to care for.

Whatever updates you decide to make in your garden, it’s important you choose what’s right for you. Focus on only making additions you love and will be happy with for many years to come, rather than just following the latest trends. Make small changes to your garden one step at a time, and you’ll make it a relaxing haven in no time.