5 Ways to Help Launch Careers for Young Women

careers for young women

Women’s well-being is a topic that comes up in the media again and again. One of the hottest subject areas within this topic is how to help women advance in their careers.

Many women need help getting their careers off the ground. They’re completely capable of having a successful career — they just need someone to help get them to the starting line. What help means for each woman is different, depending on her background and where her interests lie, so if you feel the need to lend a hand, you’ll be able to find a way to get involved.  Here are five ways to help launch careers for young women.

Show How to Be a Personal Advocate

Traditional gender roles often hold women back in their jobs. For example, women often learn the way to better themselves and their lives is to work hard and help others, and in the end, they’ll get recognition for their good, quiet work. Because of this, women subconsciously work until their supervisors point out their efforts. Speaking up for themselves isn’t a key goal.

However, being your own personal advocate is essential to both starting a career and continuing one. No one will speak up for you better than yourself, and that’s what women should learn. Talk with the women you want to help about how they’d approach a conversation where they have to talk positively about what they do. Would they be too shy to accurately describe what good work ethics they have, and what would make them a great employee?

self confidence

Encourage the women in your life to be in an environment where they can speak positively about themselves without being chided for being prideful or self-centered. Having confidence and pride in their abilities is going to get them to the career of their dreams. No one else knows their skills better than they do, and they should want to talk about how great they are!

Help With Pay-Negotiation Strategies

The intimidation that comes along with thoughts about negotiating pay isn’t exclusive to one gender, but women in particular are more often left out of the conversation about what they should be paid and how to talk about money with an employer. Maybe you know a bit about how to reason for a pay raise, but are nervous about broaching the topic with your boss.

As time passes, more people are becoming open to the idea of talking about money, so there are plenty of tips to read if you want to learn about negotiating pay. Share what you find with the women you want to help, and always offer yourself as a resource to help bounce ideas off of.

Teach Communication Methods

Some women don’t have any issue with knowing what they want and how to get there, but they may not know the best ways of communicating those ambitions. No matter what age they are, you can help the women you care about better their communications skills. Emphasize the importance of paying attention to body language, and if you’re in a situation where they’re trying to speak up but can’t quite get there, help amplify their voice by repeating their statements and agreeing with them.

By doing this, you’ll help everyone pay more attention to what they’re trying to say without undermining them and taking control of the conversation. This will lead to better confidence for them in future discussions.

Connect Women With Resources

As much as you may want to help, you may not be able to provide everything a woman needs to get started in her career. In that case, make sure you have resources that can help. Most often, women seeking a higher education to get a good career are in the most need, like being pointed in the right direction to get scholarships. Many women also have to go to school in a different country, so if you can offer your help as a host family, you should look into it!

Practice Networking Techniques

One of the best things anyone can learn to always have an extended career is networking. Networking isn’t a skill people learn in school, but it should be. Especially for women needing help jumping into a career, it could be the thing that starts the ball rolling for them. Networking is a great way to use the connections you have to make more in the future. Just always make sure to keep track of them on a spreadsheet!

Helping women start their chosen careers is a great way to pass along the resources and knowledge you have. Always make sure to put the women first and let them complete the steps they need on their own, rather than doing it for them. In the end, you’ll help inform and educate them so they can pass along the help to other people in need.

Sarah Landrum

After graduating from Penn State with degrees in Marketing and PR, Sarah moved to Harrisburg to start her career as a Digital Media Specialist and a writer. She later founded Punched Clocks, a site dedicated to helping young professionals navigate the work world and find happiness and success in their careers.

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