5 Ways to Take Your Workouts Seriously This Winter


It’s hard enough to work out as it is, but when you add the Winter cold and a late sunrise, it makes getting your gym clothes on even more difficult. While we’d all rather sit inside next to our fireplace, we also have to consider how hibernating affects our long-term fitness goals.

By applying the following workout ideas, you’ll be able to keep those extra calories at bay and maintain that trim figure during the summer. During these months, it’s important to find workouts that truly motivate you, whether it’s circuit training, yoga, or taking a brisk run outdoors.

Go for a Jog or HIIT Session Outside

Let’s get the least popular option out of the way first. While it will be difficult to head outside and go for a jog, you’ll quickly realize that the cold never bothered you anyway. It’ll only take a couple of minutes before your body starts to acclimatize to the Winter snow and ice.

Alternatively, you could implement a HIIT session as it will warm you up faster and burn more calories in a shorter amount of time. If you add a pre-workout to your jog or HIIT, it’ll allow you to focus better and get a better “pump.” Check out these best pre-workouts for women.

Build a Home Gym

If the thought of exercising outside during the winter gives you the chills, build a home gym. You may already have an exercise bike and a few dumbbells if you’re used to training, but if you’re new to fitness, install a treadmill and purchase a few hand weights and a roll-up yoga mat.

Consult a personal trainer if you’re unsure how to get started, as they can help you create a routine in homes that don’t have much room or for students that can’t afford the equipment.

Indulge in Winter Sports

Although it’s a little harder to swim in the lake at 40 degrees Fahrenheit, you won’t find any trouble lacing up ice skates and taking those babies for a spin. If you don’t feel confident on the ice, try taking up snowboarding, skiing, or sledding if you live by a decent hill or ski lodge.

Have a bit of extra money and a backyard? Why not buy an ice rink-making kit? Not only are ice rinks easy to make with a kit, but you also get to learn a new skill or play a bit of hockey with your friends or family members. You can burn up to 850 calories by skating at 11mph.

Bring a Reliable Friend

There are several benefits associated with working out in a group (or a single friend). Exercising in a group can increase your commitment to a difficult fitness routine, motivate you to push yourself harder, and allow you to receive the benefits of positive competitiveness.

Not interested in joining a class or event but still want to exercise with a friend? Call up your buddy and suggest weekly or more frequent meetups, so you can both get fit together.

Mix Up Your Training Schedule

Variety is the spice of life, and it’s the key to enjoying exercise. Even the most experienced fitness gurus will feel unmotivated or unenthusiastic about training if they have to do the same type of exercise over and over again. If you want to keep exercising, switch up your routine.
A small University of Florida study found that participants that repeated the same exercise 3 times a week were more likely to quit than those who had variety in their routines. Participants who had varied routines were 20% more likely to enjoy their workout, which led to adherence.

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