What Is Dictation Software and How Can You Utilize It for Your Business?

dictation software

Digital dictation has come a long way over the years. Many businesses are using dictation to make their business operations more efficient. Studies show that speech dictation is three times faster than typing.

Digital dictation software can be a valuable tool for your business, too. But what is dictation software, and how can you use it for your business?

What Is Dictation Software?

A dictation tool is advanced software you can use to transcribe the words you speak into text. With the advances of modern technology and transcription software, traditional dictation tends to be out of date. Thanks to the latest dictation technology, you can use it to transcribe your notes or when someone is speaking.

Why Use Dictation at All?

Dictation technology has several features that will compel you to use it. It’s excellent for comprehension, accessibility, learning, and improving your work/life balance and business efficiency.

If you’re listening to someone speak at an event, you can become easily distracted at some point. So when you need to be sure you capture everything the speaker is saying, you can use dictation software for this reason.

Dictation also proves to be useful for people with accents, speech impediments, and hearing impairments. You can overcome these issues with software that turns the words into readable text.

Who Uses Dictation Software?

Digital dictation is a type of software that healthcare professionals most commonly use. They can use it to dictate notes directly into a patient’s chart electronically, which cuts the role of a medical transcriptionist.

Other professionals that use dictation software are business executives, legal professionals, bloggers, editors, and journalists. They find it much easier to use it for writing emails, reports, correspondence, and much more.

The Best Ways to Utilize Dictation Software for Your Business

Dictation has evolved and has a significant impact on business owners. One advantage for your business is that it’s easily accessible. There are plenty of apps on your smartphone or tablet that you can use to make your business operate more efficiently.

Here are a few ways in which dictation technology can help.

Time and Billing Entries

While business practices keep evolving in many ways, recording billing and time remains a constant issue. However, dictation software can help decrease the burden. When you bill and capture time, you record everything immediately after leaving a meeting or finishing a task for a project.

A digital dictation tool allows you to tell an app the time and billing information you’re recording for your finished project.

The benefit of these recordings is that you can instantly share this information with an assistant or a time and billing tracker tool. It’s handy when you’re traveling and need to record things quickly. With dictation software, you also won’t have to spend too much time remembering every meeting and task for a client.

Tracking Expenses for Taxes

Dictation software is excellent for saving time in tracking your expenses. You won’t have to use the traditional methods for recording expenses.

For example, if you have a client lunch meeting, you can take a quick snapshot of your receipt. Then you can use that receipt to record all your information. Additionally, you can use it to record who was at lunch and what was talked about during your meeting.

Once you have all your writings, you can send the voice file to yourself to keep a record.

Enhancing Office Tasks

For office work, dictation software can be helpful in many areas. For instance, you can quickly move around recorded assignments with a simple drag and drop function. You can also use it to track delegated tasks and other projects in the system.

Additionally, if a task is urgent, you can prioritize and keep track of progress. Essentially, you can monitor your tasks more within an app. This enhancement will provide peace of mind since you’ll know when an assignment is received and worked on.

Decreasing Time in Typing Documents

Instead of typing, you can create documents faster by using voice-to-text on your computer or smartphone. After finishing the paper, you can then finalize everything by editing.

For those who are slow at typing, dictation is an excellent tool for writing, editing, and commenting on documents. This tool is also beneficial for typing up emails, texts, and other forms of communication.

Creating Impactful Reports

If you’re a business owner who takes lots of notes, you might be used to writing everything down in your notebook. Then, after you’ve gathered everything, you use those notes to type up reports. With your business, you can save more time in creating comprehensive reports with dictation software.

Once you finish transcribing, you can send those notes back to someone in your office. Then they can use that file to type up a report for you. The benefit of dictation tools is that you can instantly send and receive those notes without compromising time.

Is Dictation Software Right for You?

Now that you understand how to use dictation software for your business, do you wonder if it’s right for you? Find out if it is with an overview of these pros and cons.


  • Transcribes thoughts quickly and dictates directly into a document. It captures your speech more rapidly than you can type.
  • It provides accessibility for those with disabilities. People with physical disabilities have trouble with typing and using a mouse. You can use voice commands to search the internet, create documents, edit spreadsheets, and more.
  • Less strain on your fingers and wrists when it comes to typing.
  • Dictation software can be a powerful tool if you speak another language but cannot efficiently type in it.


  • Inconsistency in editing. Spelling, grammatical, and syntax errors can happen from time to time. It also can have a limited vocabulary.
  • Transcribing can pause when your tone of voice changes or the software doesn’t recognize new words or abbreviations. Background noises can also cause the transcribing to halt, which causes a delay in productivity.
  • It doesn’t make you become a better writer. When you’re writing, this makes you have to slow down and think about the words you’re typing. When you’re speaking, you might have filler words such as “ah,” “um,” or “you know” in your text.

Utilizing the Right Tools

With the right tools and processes for your business, you can use dictation software for far more applications than the traditional methods of transcribing. Whether you travel a lot or you’re in the office most of the time, your business can become more efficient. As a result of this, you’ll achieve growth and become more profitable in the process.

By Eleanor Hecks

Eleanor Hecks is editor-in-chief at Designerly Magazine. She was the creative director at a digital marketing agency before becoming a full-time freelance designer. Eleanor lives in Philly with her husband and pup, Bear.