7 Breakfast Ideas to Fuel Your Morning

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We all know how hard it can be to get up in the morning, particularly if you’ve got a tricky day in the office ahead of you, or if you’ve had a late night the day before.

Making sure that you eat a good breakfast (after all, it is the most important meal of the day!) will set you up for the trials and tribulations of the day ahead, and ensure you’re not flagging by 11am.

So ditch the copious quantities of coffee and inject some creativity into your breakfast concoctions. Here are seven ideas to give you some inspiration and get your creative juices flowing:

Porridge With Extras

Forever a staple on food recommendations, porridge is a fantastic way to get you out of bed and fuel your day ahead.

Oats are a source of soluble fibre, which means that they release their energy slowly throughout the day, whilst also being kind to your tummy and easier to digest than regular sources of fibre.

If you’ve a sweet tooth you could allow yourself an odd dollop of maple syrup or Nutella with your porridge as a special treat, but try to stick to healthy additions to your oaty breakfast.


Eggs and Avocado

If you’ve embarked upon the vegetarian path in life, there is no more luxurious breakfast than eggs and avocado. Whether you poach, fry, scramble or boil them, eggs are always great, and protein at the start of your day will get you up and raring to go.

Combine this with the healthy fats and energy in avocados (they are not just a trend, they are delicious and here to stay), and you have all the health kicks you could want to begin your day

Eggs and Smoked Salmon

If your diet extends into fish and meat, you have a wider pool of options to pair your eggs with. A yummy piece (or whole packet) of smoked salmon is sure to hit the spot, with the saltiness of the fish complementing the eggs. You’ll also be getting a great dose of those all important Omega three fatty acids.

You’ll also be getting a great dose of those all important Omega three fatty acids.

Overnight Oats

So whilst porridge is one thing, overnight oats are a delicacy which deserves their own reputation.

Overnight oats are only now becoming a more popular, widely recognised breakfast treat, and are a much quicker option than their hot counterpart because you can do all the prep in advance. Just pop some oats in a jar or bowl, add a milk of your choice and you’re all set!

Seeds, nuts, berries and jam make brilliant additions, and protein powder can add an extra kick to your breakfast.

Sausage Sandwich on Wholegrain Bread

If you’re looking for a tasty, satisfying breakfast to fill you up, a good old sausage sandwich will never let you down. Choose grainy brown bread to combine sources of fibre and carbohydrate with the protein from the meat. Add in some tomatoes (or

Add in some tomatoes (or sun-dried tomatoes if you’re feeling indulgent!) for extra flavour and a dose of vitamin C.


Fruity Smoothie

Whilst these have suddenly sprung up all over the internet and may seem like a 5-minute fad, if you can get the breakfast smoothie right, do, because it’s here to stay.

Opt for a mixture of ingredients, as just using buckets of fruit will amp up your sugar intake. Add oats to your blender for sustenance, try throwing some leaves in here and there, and steer clear of sugary flavoured syrups.

Protein powders can be a great way of boosting your daily protein intake with only a small amount of effort, as can egg whites.

Green Tea

Whilst you may feel that coffee completes you, and you just can’t roll out of bed without a flat white enticing you, try a couple of weeks where you ease off the caffeine.

Green tea is a brilliant, energising alternative which will quickly fill the gap that coffee left. If you just can’t quite manage to eat anything of a morning, at least make sure you have a healthy, tasty drink to sip on!


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