7 Tips For Finding The Perfect Corporate Look

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Dressing for success is so much more than just choosing an outfit, hairstyle or makeup style that looks both professional, casual and office worthy at the same time. Instead of just going with the flow and blending in with the office crowd, finding the perfect corporate look for yourself that includes style, fashion savvy and a whole lot of class can actually help you climb up the corporate ladder a lot faster or even just give people the best impression of you.

Unsure as to where to begin? Follow our seven tips and tricks to find the perfect corporate look, from hair to makeup, we’ve got you covered.

 Start With The Basics

 When it comes to getting yourself ready for the corporate world, regardless if you are a man or a woman, you will need to get some of the foundations and basics set down before you add on to them. What does this mean? This means grooming areas such as your eyebrows, ensuring that you have a good skincare routine in place in order to always look fresh and vibrant, grooming your facial hair and always having a neat haircut or hairstyle.

Looking sharp and showing that you put time and effort into making yourself look presentable always sends a great message to those that you work with.

Keep The Foundations simple

 When it comes to makeup in the corporate world, less is more.

With that said, however, it is not an excuse to go to work bare faced – the last thing you want your colleagues to think is that you just hopped out of bed. When it comes to business appropriate makeup, you’ll definitely want to choose a good quality Foundation and Concealer for your face.

Always ensure that you have tones that compliment your skin, rather than mismatching shades that will ruin the look you are going for. Head to a makeup store, or counter, and get help from an attendant if you are not sure on how to pick the best shade of foundation for yourself.

Lay Low On The Eyeliner

Everyone loves to channel their inner Amy Winehouse once in awhile.

Whilst this may be fun on a night out, you’ll want to avoid dramatic liner in the daytime and in the corporate world. Find the best liquid eyeliner you possibly can and draw on a professional yet elegant cat eye, for an added wow factor to your make up.

Smokey Eye Is A No-no

Just like your eyeliner, you will want to keep your eye makeup to a minimum as well.

Dark Smokey eyes may look fantastic under club lights, but do not send the correct impression in the corporate world. When it comes to picking eyeshadow for Business, you’ll want to sway towards neutral or earthy tones such as Brown, Champagne, Rose, Peach, Plum and Grey that do not differ too much from your skin tone or stand out too much.

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 Aw, You’re Blushing!

 Next up is blusher. No makeup look is complete with a touch of rose to the cheeks.

Not many people know this, but just like powders and foundations, not all blushers suit every type of skin tone. Fair Skin best suits shades such as Pale Pink, whilst Medium Skin suits Mauve shades and Dark skin really suits brick-orange type tones. With this in mind, you will know the perfect blush colour that looks natural on you and suits your skin. The last thing anyone wants to see in the corporate world is someone who looks like a clown!

Last Stop, The Lips!

 With lip colors, you thankfully have a few more options when it comes to expressing yourself than you do with eyeshadows and eyeliners. to express yourself than with eye shadows. For a everyday look, stick to nude lip pencils, glosses or liquid lipsticks that tend to last you the entire day.

Neutral pinks and soft corals are the best choices for the typical office day.

With that said, if you want to be bold and stand out at that next meeting, don’t shy away from tones such as Burgundy, Dark Red, Terra Cotta or Berry shade of lipstick to really make a statement.

 Hair Colour Counts

Most forget to realise that when it comes to a corporate look, your hair colour plays a big part in looking professional. Say goodbye to Pink or Green hair – most human beings look best in the hair colour they were naturally born with, so our first piece of advice is to always stick with that. If you want to go the dyed route, do realise that just like makeup, you need to pick a colour that flatters your skin. A little research online will help you decide on what shade is best.

Don’t Forget To Touch Up

 Just because you’re at work doesn’t mean you don’t require to touch up your makeup.

Carrying a small pouch of items such as liner, lipstick and blush is a good way to keep your look fresh all day long. Items such as Oil Blotters are also a fantastic thing to carry in your purse, in case your face gets oily in the afternoons. Looking professional is all about the minute details.


With these 7 professional tips on achieving the perfect corporate look, we are sure that you will stand out like the brightest crayon in the box in the office. With a little know how, everyone can look their best for the corporate world.



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