7 Tips for Working with PDF Files to Increase Your Productivity

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Although the Portable Document Format has become widely used by businesses the world over, many companies do not utilize PDFs to their best advantage. By getting to grips with the different ways of working with PDFs, you can improve your business’s efficiency and productivity. Here are seven useful tips to help you get started.

Convert PDFs into Other Formats

The PDF file has become so popular because it can be opened on any operating system with any device. However, because PDFs maintain their original formatting, it means it can be challenging and time-consuming to edit them. Thankfully, document conversion tools can help. By converting a PDF file into a format like Word, you can easily edit the document in Word and then save the file as a PDF. Furthermore, some conversion tools are free to use. For instance, you can convert PDF to word for free with PDF Simpli, while keeping the formatting entirely intact. You can also convert PDFs into other formats such as PowerPoint, TIFF, PNG, and JPG.

Sign PDFs

It takes time to print out files, sign them, and scan them. But by using electronic signature tools that are available with various PDF editor programs like Adobe Acrobat, you can quickly and simply add a signature to important documents within seconds. If your business regularly requires the signing of contracts, and sharing them with colleagues and contractors, using electronic signatures can rapidly increase efficiency. In turn, that will lead to better productivity.

Merge PDFs

If you want to create comprehensive and impressive presentations to share with your work colleagues or customers, you can easily merge PDF files to incorporate things like text, charts, and imagery into a single file. With Adobe programs like Acrobat Pro DC, it has never been easier to merge multiple files.

Combine Files into a PDF portfolio

Efficiency and productivity can suffer when you have to share various types of files, like Word documents, audio files, and video files separately. But you can turn that around by consolidating different types of media into one PDF portfolio. Each media file will retain its individual properties and can be opened with the usual application that runs it, but all the files are helpfully located in one PDF file folder. PDF portfolios have many uses. For instance, you could collect together new employee information, loan applications, or marketing plans.

Add Comments and Annotations to a PDF

With an Adobe Acrobat program, it is simple for anyone to add annotations and comments to a PDF file. Instead of using another document to make comments, you can do so directly on any PDF file, thereby saving a lot of time. You can add notes, replace text, strike through text, create links, and add bookmarks. If you regularly share PDF files with colleagues, having the ability to make direct annotations and comments really comes in handy.

Extract Individual PDF Pages

If you need to extract individual PDF pages, you can do so with an Adobe Acrobat program. By having any page from a large PDF file as its own document, you can speed up processes and ensure you only share necessary documents with colleagues.

Protect and Restrict PDF Files

Programs like Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Office enable you to protect, restrict, encrypt, and even redact PDF files. That means you can control how the files are accessed, edited, and viewed for whatever level of security you need.

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